Sean Currie

Operations Manager, Renewables
Madison, Wisconsin

What resonates the most with you when it comes to Action for Impact?

When Ash came around to the regions to unveil our Action for Impact plan, the supply chain issue was one that could be a challenge in years to come. That became especially true when the pandemic hit and completely disrupted everyone’s lives and the market.

How do the ideals of Action for Impact influence your daily life?

Challenging ourselves to build better and smarter in these unique times. It’s not going to be easy, but time is of the essence to make an impact in our lives for now and the future.

Is there a project you’ve worked on at McKinstry that you are proudest of?

One of the projects I am most proud of is one I developed in my first year with McKinstry. We retrofitted a large, old high school with a geothermal heat pump system taking out the old steam HVAC system. We also retrofitted the existing lighting with LED upgrades on the exterior and interior. It was one of the first interior LED upgrades we had done on a large scale and started us down the path to recommend and implement LED interior lighting packages.

What advice would you offer to someone who is interested in pursuing a career at McKinstry?

McKinstry is a great company to work for that is always forward thinking and does what it says it will do. There are so many opportunities within the McKinstry family to make a difference for you and others.

I work with a great team that isn’t afraid of challenges and finding a better solution for our clients and the environment. Each day is something new and we are constantly learning something new day in and day out that keeps us on our toes!

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