Vestas Partners With McKinstry for Onsite Solar 

One of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers becomes renewable energy trifecta with wind energy, solar and battery storage.

In 2009, Denmark-based Vestas established the world’s largest wind turbine tower manufacturing facility in Pueblo, Colorado. Today, the facility produces over 3,000 turbine tower segments a year. Since its founding in 1898, Vestas has installed turbines in 88 countries across the globe.  

Vestas’ sustainability goals are embedded in their culture and operations with a mission to prioritize “sustainability in everything we do.” In addition to a commitment to develop and exclusively produce zero-carbon turbines by 2040, Vestas is dedicated to becoming carbon neutral without carbon offsets by 2030. Their stalwart efforts are mirrored in McKinstry’s Action for Impact and Zero+ initiatives, making us an ideal ongoing partner in decarbonization.  

With a wind turbine already in use on site, Vestas partnered with McKinstry to expand its renewables portfolio using solar PV and battery storage. Construction for the 14.6MW direct current (DC) solar PV project began in January 2022 and was completed in early 2023.  

The 66-acre solar system is one of Colorado’s largest “behind the meter” projects and includes a direct interconnection to the facility’s dedicated substation. Using our structured development and project management approach, McKinstry was able to streamline project timelines and permitting processes, maximize energy production capabilities of the system, limit manufacturing operational impacts and help Vestas navigate unprecedented supply chain volatility. Thanks to its size and single axis tracking system, the solar system packs a powerful punch with over 31 million kWh generated annually.  

Throughout the project McKinstry collaborated with several partners to not only permit and design the project but deliver and assemble integral project componentry including 27,400 solar modules, seven transformers, miles of solar racking and Vestas’ first lithium-ion battery storage deployment in the country. With international partners based in Denmark, the US and later, Korea, robust project management and collaboration was essential to success. 

Vestas champions diversity throughout their organization and has sought to become the safest, most inclusive and socially responsible organization in the energy industry. Similarly, McKinstry is dedicated to partnering with local workforces and minority-owned partners in all our collaborations. These efforts resulted in partnerships with woman-owned engineering firm, McCalmont, and local civil construction partner, Total Terrain Inc. McKinstry is honored to partner with this global leader in renewable energy to fight the climate crisis. 

Prior to the project’s completion, Vestas signed an agreement with Korea-based CS Wind to acquire the manufacturing facility. The onsite solar system quickly became a primary driver in CS Wind’s acquisition of the site. This transition allowed the facility to thrive under ownership specializing in tower manufacturing, increasing outputs and enabling Vestas to grow its supply chain resiliency and footprint in North America. 


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