Sofie Dial

Senior Sales Operations Program Manager

Sofie is a senior program manager on the Sales Operations and Enablement Team. In this position, she is involved with the tools McKinstry’s salespeople use, including Salesforce (customer relationship management system), sales dashboards within Power BI and Client Voice through Qualtrics. Sofie also manages our sales software training and feature requests for our sales tools.

At McKinstry, we know that representation and visibility matter — seeing someone who looks like you in every imaginable type of career helps to break down stereotypes and foster inclusion. In a recent Q&A session, Sofie shares what women’s equality means to her and her advice to fellow women in the construction industry.

Learn More About Sofie’s Experience

What does National Women’s Equality Day mean to you?

Women’s equality to me means that every person, regardless of gender, feels comfortable and confident navigating life. Equality means that we share the same opportunities to succeed without prejudice based on our gender, as gender should never be the differentiating factor between failure and success for anyone. 

Do you feel like McKinstry supports your professional aspirations?

Absolutely. In my experience at McKinstry, I get asked about what I want to work on or about my interests in projects before I am assigned them. I believe that this company invests in professional development for their employees as I have been asked about the career paths I want to pursue. I have requested and been granted training on McKinstry’s dollar during my workday.  

What are your biggest strengths?

Curiosity and desire to learn. I love learning or trying new things, whether it be a new software program or a new workout class or getting to know someone who is new to the office. I like to say yes to things that are different than my everyday life because I know they are helping me grow. 

What is a piece of advice to women who are entering the construction industry?

Construction is still very male-dominated and can present challenges to women who are wanting to enter the industry. My advice is to hold your own and know your boundaries, and if people cross them, speak up. Any women who want to venture into this industry are helping to change the norm and together we are growing stronger because of it.  The world and the industry are not always fair, but you can advocate for yourself, and your involvement is making it better. 


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