Lakisha Gorham

Strategic Workflow Manager, Energy & Technical Services

Lakisha has been with McKinstry for nearly eight years and her role has changed over time. She started as a facility technical specialist and has held roles as a business operations specialist, a service and inspection manager and a fire protection account manager. Lakisha is currently a strategic workflow manager in Tampa, Florida.  

At McKinstry, we know that representation and visibility matter — seeing someone who looks like you in every imaginable type of career helps to break down stereotypes and foster inclusion. In a recent Q&A session, Lakisha shares what women’s equality means to her and her advice to fellow women in the construction industry.

Learn More About Lakisha’s Experience

How did your journey with McKinstry begin?

My story is quite interesting actually. I started at McKinstry working in the Bistro at the Seattle office as a catering manager. All throughout this position I built relationships and networked with fellow employees. Eventually, an opportunity came for me to join the business side and be a part of the McKinstry team in a different capacity. Fast-forward ten years later, and I am still here. That is what I call destiny.

My roles have changed over time. I started as a facility Technical Specialist, then transitioned to a Business Operations Specialist, then moved into Fire Protection as an Account manager as well as a Service and Inspection Manager. I am currently a Strategic Workflow Manager in Tampa, Florida.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn various aspects of the business, as well as given internal mobility throughout the various McKinstry business units, all while meeting incredible people along the way.

What does National Women’s Equality Day mean to you?

Having the same opportunities as others. You should not have to work five times as hard to get to the same place. I am grateful to be working for a company that makes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a priority. In the meetings/conferences involving DEI, McKinstry leaders create an environment where you can discuss these issues without feeling you are going to be judged. Knowing that McKinstry stands behind equal opportunity makes all the difference in the working environment.   

Do you feel like McKinstry supports your professional aspirations?

Definitely, yes. At McKinstry, the avenues and opportunities are endless. Every time I have shifted positions, my teams at the time have always been supportive. People here want to root for you and want to see you succeed and that speaks volumes. Whatever you want to do or wherever you want to go, it is possible with McKinstry. 

Who is your biggest inspiration? Who do you look up to?  

I look up to women in leadership at McKinstry. I have been lucky enough to have some of these women as mentors. It has been inspiring for me to see these women who have paved the way for me, and I value their mentorship. 

What is a piece of advice to women who are entering the construction industry?

Come in strong and bold, and do not think you are less than. Go in knowing that you have the same opportunities as everyone else. It comes down to your relationships and your work ethic. Additionally, take advantage of the mentorship that women in leadership can give you. There are several women in this company that I look up to and seek guidance from which has helped me.  

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