Get to Know Social Impact Coordinator: Lauren Sadler

This Earth Day we celebrate the men and women who make our Action for Impact and decarbonization of the built environment goals possible. Lauren Sadler works on our Social Impact team and serves as a proud steward of our mission, vision and values in the Mountain region through community engagement.

In the Q&A below, Lauren shares her McKinstry experience as well as what we can learn from Earth Day traditions.

Learn More About Lauren’s Experience

What is your role at McKinstry/ how did you get there?

I am a Social Impact Coordinator serving our Mountain Region within McKinstry. I support our teams across Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Nevada in making a positive difference in our communities through our Building Good program and STEM education initiatives.

I came to McKinstry from the nonprofit sector. I found tremendous space in McKinstry to harness my passion for people, education, DEI and community development – all while learning more about an exciting and growing industry.

Why is Earth Day meaningful to McKinstry and to the construction industry?

It is in our DNA to take action to protect and restore our planet as our vision compels us. During McKinstry’s annual Week of Service in April, many of our teams choose to participate in environmental restoration and conservation projects like tree planting, invasion species removal and trash and debris clean-ups.

Earth Day is a moment for us to reflect on our commitments to sustainability and climate action as a Climate Pledge signatory and as a leader in our industry. The environment and the construction industry are intricately linked with buildings responsible for 39% of global energy carbon emissions. We have an incredible opportunity to leverage the built environment as a catalyst for a zero-carbon future.

What do you feel is the best way to encourage climate literacy and civic engagement?

To encourage climate literacy, we need to invest in climate education for future generations. A diverse, empowered and well-informed generation of citizens can spark unstoppable momentum in our communities if we provide the access and exposure. In tandem, I think the best way to encourage civic engagement is to acknowledge the impact ten million little choices can have on our world. Oftentimes, the climate crisis can feel intractable, but when we approach climate action with tangible, small steps and choices we can all make, we make climate action personal.  

It is important for everyone to engage when and where they can. Our teams in Denver, Colorado are partnering with Denver Urban Gardens to build a climate-resilient community garden at an elementary school. This singular activity will contribute to Denver’s compost system, reduce the heat island effect, capture carbon and promote healthy ecosystems. The project will have profound long-term impact on the surrounding environment and local community members. 

Now that we’re a few years in, what inspires you most about McKinstry’s 2025 Action for Impact Plan?

I am inspired by the collective achievements we have made to advance equity and inclusion internally and across our communities. Our people are always willing to show up and invest time and talent in our community service opportunities, from packaging food at Project Worthmore, a Denver-based refugee center, to removing invasive species at Lookout Mountain or inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals through direct mentorship in classrooms. Seeing how far we’ve come; I am confident we will accomplish even more in the years to come.

What change do you hope to inspire through your work at McKinstry?

I hope I can inspire our people to believe that they have the power, influence and responsibility to affect positive change in our world. I hope our people feel encouraged to use our Building Good program to exemplify our values, carry out our vision, and tap into purpose.

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