Get to Know Project Engineer Intern Carrie Kamakaala

Carrie is currently a project engineer intern for our new construction team and is a part of our B.L.U.E summer experience in Seattle. In 2019 Carrie graduated from Washington State University in Architectural Studies, while getting a minor in Construction Management. This past spring she obtained a dual masters degree in Architecture with an emphasis in Sustainable Design Systems and Construction Management.

In the Q&A below, learn more about Carrie and her experience at McKinstry over the summer!

Learn More About Carrie’s Experience

What is your background?

I am originally from the North Shore of Oahu but have lived in Washington for the past 8 years while I was completing both my undergraduate and graduate programs. In 2019, I graduated from Washington State University with Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Studies as well as a minor in Construction Management. This past Spring, I obtained a dual master’s degree in Architecture with an emphasis in Sustainable Design Systems and Construction Management as well as a certificate in Real Estate. Through my coursework, I discovered my passion for high performance design and construction methods which I felt aligned well with McKinstry’s values and mission.  

What does your team do at McKinstry?

As a project engineering intern working with the construction team, I am helping to ensure successful project outcomes by tracking progress of work done, staying on target with schedule, and managing construction costs. Our team works directly with the field crew, subcontractors, and vendors to provide the proper materials and resources needed for the projects.

What are some projects you have been working on this summer?

I am currently working on a new construction project in Kirkland, Washington, where we are retrofitting an existing building to support the production of internet communications and global positioning systems. In addition to working on the construction team, I also participate in the NAIOPWA DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Summer Program offered to the Project Engineer Interns by McKinstry. The program provides us with valuable insight and perspective from the weekly panel speakers within the CRE industry as well as an opportunity to make meaningful connections with our peers in the program. 

How has your internship shaped your educational and career goals?

This internship has allowed me to diversify my skillset within the construction industry through the hands-on experience that I get from being on an active project site. My internship has helped me to develop management skills that are necessary to make positive impacts on construction projects. 

What excites you most about McKinstry’s mission?

What excites me most about working with McKinstry is the encouragement I get for integrating my multi-faceted educational background into creating efficient working methods that can produce effective and meaningful solutions.  

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