Get to Know Field Sales Manager: Kat Fujio

This Earth Month we celebrate the men and women who make our Action for Impact and decarbonization of the built environment goals possible. Kat Fujio has been with McKinstry for nearly four years as a field sales manager within our Service sector. She believes Earth Day to be significant to McKinstry as it represents why we go the extra mile in terms of sustainability efforts and caring for our community.

In the Q&A below, Kat shares what initially drew her to McKinstry, her experience helping clients with their sustainability efforts as well as why Earth Day is significant to McKinstry.

Learn More About Kat’s Experience

What is your role at McKinstry/ how did you get there?

I was recently promoted to field sales manager for the Service sector of McKinstry and work closely with our Account Executive team. Coming from outside the industry, I have learned a tremendous amount from my teammates and have found success here at McKinstry in part from their unending support. Our team focuses on annuity maintenance sales for the Service department which helps generate connections for other lines of business through Technical Service, Electrical offerings and various project needs.

How my journey initially started with McKinstry was through a time management class offered by Senior Vice President of Service, Adam Gloss. This was my first introduction to McKinstry and of course, I loved it. The atmosphere of the workplace and willingness of the company to give external training to help advance other professionals in the industry was my first glimpse of this company that speaks true to their values. I also admired McKinstry’s approach to helping clients and the surrounding community to build a thriving planet together. As a result of this experience, my goal was to become a part of McKinstry!

Why is Earth Day meaningful to McKinstry and to the construction industry?

One of McKinstry’s biggest goals revolves around caring for our community and future generations. The way McKinstry reaches these goals is by designing, building and maintaining systems in the built environment so they are not detrimental to the planet. Earth Day is a special day for McKinstry because it represents why we go the extra step to deliver equitable outcomes and ensure healthy, high-performing buildings the extra care protects our planet and betters the lives of others.  

What do you feel is the best way to encourage climate literacy and civic engagement?

Leading by example. McKinstry has a wide range of opportunities to engage with the community like Building Good. A STEM session at an elementary school was a fun way to encourage others and our McKinstry team to want to do better to support the community. Sharing all the cool and innovative things we are doing across the company to encourage climate literacy and civic engagement is an incredibly special thing. Those success stories are what encourage all the employees at McKinstry to be a part of the company and mission in one way or another. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be spotlighted for Earth Month because it is a wonderful way to remind everyone how special the Earth is and how important it is to protect our planet; as well as everything and everyone who does and will call it home.

Now that we’re a few years in, what inspires you most about McKinstry’s 2025 Action for Impact Plan?

The 2025 Action for Impact plan is robust and has an incredible amount of planning that goes into it. The best benchmark for a company wanting to decrease its impact on the environment is transparency and having a plan in place to do better. McKinstry’s roadmap of attainable goals leading towards a zero-carbon future to face climate threat is truly inspiring. Actions speak louder than words, and I know that when McKinstry reaches net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, other companies will follow suit.  

Can you tell us about a time that you were proud to support clients in their sustainability goals?

It is always an honor to provide customers with the ability to use their electrical systems and build infrastructure more efficiently while creating minimal waste. I enjoy helping improve and maintain clients’ assets, so they last longer and adhere to new energy requirements because it helps them, and it helps overall in terms of sustainability. It feels good to know that I am allowing people to focus on their mission rather than their building systems and waste.

What change do you hope to inspire through your work at McKinstry?

It is all about building trusted relationships and caring for the community. My goal working with every customer is to provide them with the best support to show them that McKinstry stands behind every offering under the McKinstry umbrella. I was inspired by McKinstry’s goal to provide the best service and support possible to clients and the surrounding community. Being able to wholeheartedly tell clients there is value in the promises McKinstry makes is important to me because I know it will inspire them to trust us to help them with improvements—we can then be that trusted partner that ensures results that let clients successfully take control of their facility operations.  

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