Get to Know Energy Engineer Intern Taylor Burton

Taylor is currently an energy engineer intern in Denver and is a part of our B.L.U.E summer experience. Taylor attends the University of Colorado at Boulder and is majoring in Environmental Engineering, while minoring in Energy Engineering. She has been spending her summer working on our renewables and development team.

Learn more about Taylor in the Q&A below!

Learn More About Taylor’s Experience

What is your background?

I am from Henderson, Nevada, and I currently attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am majoring in Environmental Engineering and minoring in Energy Engineering. I found McKinstry through personal research! 

What does your team do at McKinstry?

I am a part of the renewables team as well as the development team. The development team creates projects that are funded by the energy savings. The team focuses on how we can make the building more efficient, run smarter and implement renewables, such as solar and battery storage, while improving the resiliency of the overall building. Drafting and finalizing investment grade audits and energy performance contracts are key aspects of what the development team works on which then, if McKinstry is given the project, these items are passed on to the construction team for implementation. The renewables team analyzes buildings for their solar potential to offset their utility loads and reduce the customers’ carbon footprint as well as their energy bills. Then, if the building is suitable, the renewables team will develop a realistic solar project based on feasibility and the customers’ desires. 

What are some projects you have been working on this summer?

I have been focusing on a project recently for a county helping draft grants and develop budgetary estimates for various renewable options and efficiency upgrades. I have also been included on a potential facilities improvement project, a university audit as well as solar projects for a town in Colorado. Through bouncing around on various projects and tasks, I have been able to survey all the different types of energy engineering work that McKinstry does. 

How has your internship shaped your educational and career goals?

I have gained confidence in my ability to achieve goals within and outside my career. Everyone at McKinstry is very supportive and has taught me a lot about the ESCO industry. I have learned here that no matter what stage you are in life, you are always learning if you open your mind. I have gained so much valuable knowledge from my summer here, and I cannot wait to continue to dive into this focus of work. 

What excites you most about McKinstry’s mission?

McKinstry’s mission to make every building we touch more efficient is a wonderful mission and is something that I am very passionate about. The most exciting aspect to this mission is the underlying sustainable goals that are being pushed. With the built environment being a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, it is extremely important that the world figures out a way to develop a clean, long term energy storage system, increase renewable energy usage and increase the efficiency of the technologies used while providing the same comfort for people.   

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