Get to Know Building Energy Engineering Principal: Xia Fang

This Earth Month we celebrate the men and women who make our Action for Impact and decarbonization of the built environment goals possible. Xia Fang has been with McKinstry for over seven years and works on our Mountain Energy team, serving as a proud steward of our mission, vision and values. 

In the Q&A below, Xia shares her McKinstry experience as well as impacting “business-as-usual” with our clients.

Learn More About Xia’s Experience

What is your role at McKinstry/ how did you get there?

I’m a building energy engineering principal. I joined McKinstry in 2015 as a senior energy engineer working with our Energy team developing Energy Performance Contract (EPC) projects on existing buildings, moved into a program manager role and then to building energy engineering principal. 

Why is Earth Day meaningful to McKinstry and to the construction industry?

Earth Day celebrations and awareness is becoming more and more important in our lives. We need to protect our environment, preserve natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change, so we and our future generations can continue to survive and flourish on our mother planet. The construction industry is a big sector in carbon emission, our day-to-day work continues the mission of improving living environments and reducing carbon emissions. 

What do you feel is the best way to encourage climate literacy and civic engagement?


Now that we’re a few years in, what inspires you most about McKinstry’s 2025 Action for Impact Plan?

Urgency. 2025 will come before we realize it, the clock is ticking, we need to keep on monitoring its process and raise more awareness of its process so we can truly achieve our goal. 

Can you tell us about a time that you were proud to support clients in their sustainability goals?

When we actually make a difference, and the client’s “business-as-usual practice is changed via our engagement and coordination.

What change do you hope to inspire through your work at McKinstry?

Change doesn’t happen in one day, continue your mission persistently, it may take longer than you think but time will tell. 

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