Brian Fisher

Director of Supply Chain
Seattle, Washington

What is your role at McKinstry?

I lead our supply chain team and the supply chain strategic initiative at the enterprise level. My teams and I support the day-to-day demands of providing our project teams with the materials they need for the lowest total cost for the business and our clients.

I am also responsible for leading us through a fleet transition to electric vehicles, reducing our internal carbon footprint, evolving our manufacturing mindset and generally reducing unnecessary cost across our supply chains.

When it comes to Action for Impact, what are you the most passionate about?

I am particularly passionate about reducing our carbon footprint. I believe unnecessary waste in our industry contributes heavily to carbon emissions through inefficient movement of people and materials. If I can help with that, I will feel like I have done my part in providing my teenage daughter and all the other generations to come a healthy planet to live on.

Who do you turn to for advice, guidance and inspiration?

My stepdad. He has been a powerful guiding force in my life since I was young. He always offers great business advice and helps me keep my emotions in check.

At McKinstry, I have found great comfort in the guidance and leadership offered to me by many people such as Mike Cleek, James Miller and Brian Antonsen to name a few. These are the people I call when in need and they are always willing to help.

What brings you joy?

I am obsessed with music, both listening and playing. I have been playing (and collecting) guitars for nearly 30 years. I am also passionate about cooking. Making an excellent meal for the people I care about brings me a lot of joy.

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