February 20, 2024

Spokane Riverkeeper

Spokane Riverkeeper is a nonprofit organization dedicated to safeguarding the health and vitality of the Spokane River and its watershed. Through proactive water quality monitoring, environmental advocacy, and community engagement, the organization works tirelessly to address pollution issues, habitat degradation, and other threats to the river ecosystem. A group of McKinstry employees supported the Spokane Riverkeeper during our annual week of service, dedicating time and effort to a cleanup of the Spokane River.

“In April, McKinstry provided 56 volunteers who removed 520 pounds of litter from the river. These efforts were the largest of our 46 private cleanups in 2023! The financial support McKinstry provided supported a new full time river cleanup lead, who removed a record 40,000 pounds of litter from the Spokane River. Thank you McKinstry for supporting a clean and healthy Spokane River!” —Jule Schultz, Waterkeeper, Spokane Riverkeeper 

Impact: 500+ lbs of garbage collected by 56 employees