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August 27, 2018

City of Lakewood Improves Energy Efficiency in Four City Buildings

City of Lakewood Improves Energy Efficiency in Four City Buildings

Facility improvements to be funded through guaranteed energy cost savings

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (Aug. 27, 2018) – The City of Lakewood and McKinstry are partnering on facility improvement projects at four city buildings, including the Lloyd G. Clements Community Center, the Public Safety Center, the Carmody Recreation Center and the Green Mountain Recreation Center.

The City of Lakewood’s projects consist of HVAC improvements, a comprehensive LED lighting retrofit, water conservation measures, pool air circulation upgrades, pool boiler replacements and enhanced building controls. Annually, these improvements—guaranteed by McKinstry—will save the city approximately 1.4 million gallons of water, $123,000 in utility costs, and 906 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Improving these four facilities provides all of us with substantial financial, environmental and social benefits,” said Kit Newland, the city’s community resources director. “We’re excited to be moving toward an even more sustainable Lakewood!”

McKinstry will continue to monitor and guarantee facility energy savings through an ongoing measurement and verification (M&V) program. The City of Lakewood will continue to find additional energy savings in the months and years to come with the help of the “process” module of McKinstry’s powerED offering—a systematic program that saves energy and cuts waste through the implementation of low- and no-cost strategies.

“Everyone benefits when our buildings are more efficient and comfortable,” said Leslie Larocque, vice president for McKinstry’s Mountain Regions. “We applaud the City of Lakewood’s commitment to sustainability.”

Construction began in late July. All energy-efficient improvements are scheduled to be completed by October. To accommodate the upgrades at the two recreation centers, the renovation work will occur during previously-scheduled closures of two weeks for annual maintenance. The other facilities will remain open while work is occurring.

About McKinstry

McKinstry is a national full-service, design-build-operate-and-maintain (DBOM) firm specializing in consulting, construction, energy and facility services. The firm’s innovative, integrated delivery methodology provides clients with a single point of accountability that drives waste and redundancy out of the design/build process. McKinstry advocates collaborative, sustainable solutions designed to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce facility operational costs, and optimize profitability “For The Life of Your Building.”

About Lakewood

Lakewood is the fifth largest city in Colorado with a population of more than 155,000. The city serves as a gateway to outdoor adventures while also providing a 10-minute commute to the heart of the metropolitan area. It adopted its first Sustainability Plan in 2015, and one of the plan’s adopted targets is a 20 percent increase in the energy efficiency of municipal facilities. Lakewood has also dedicated one-quarter of the land in the city to parks and open space, providing for a healthy, active lifestyle.

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