Get to Know Senior Project Manager Elizabeth Beaumont

Elizabeth Beaumont, who was promoted to senior project manager in 2022, believes in keeping an open mind, taking projects one step at a time, and staying eager to learn from others.

“The first time we met, I knew right away that she was super special,” said Alli Burton, director of business enablement and Elizabeth’s mentor through theMcKinstry Mentorship Program. “I’m lucky to get to partner with her, and I consider her a mentor as well. McKinstry has some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, and she’s one of them, for sure.”

Learn more about Elizabeth’s career transition from elementary education, her passion for teamwork, and the important role low voltage construction plays in keeping us connected.

Learn More About Elizabeths’s Experience

Tell us about your background and your career path at McKinstry

I graduated from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, which is very different from what I do now. I briefly taught in the Kent School District before I seized the opportunity to work for a small Seattle-based consulting firm. Eventually, I transitioned into supporting the IT/Facilities team where I gained valuable experience in project management, particularly in overseeing various office relocation projects on a global scale.

Through some college connections, I was introduced to Scott Thomson (VP, business development, Construction) at McKinstry. He heard about the work I did and thought I’d be a great fit for the company, so he connected me with the Low Voltage team. I joined McKinstry in 2019 as a project manager, right before the craziness of the pandemic, and have since been promoted to senior project manager. Leveraging my background in IT projects, I had the opportunity to contribute to both our Low Voltage team and Audio-Visual teams in project management capacities. Obviously, teaching is very different from low voltage construction, but I use a lot of the same organizational tools and skills as I did in education.

What’s most important to you about your work?

Low voltage construction works with equipment that carries low voltage electrical signals. That includes technology like lighting, audio/video, and internet, which is a big deal for the world we’re currently living in. Our work ensures customers have the necessary infrastructure to stay connected, which is becoming increasingly important. Whether it’s the internet we rely on in our offices or the valuable information we access from cloud services, all these aspects hinge on the reliable presence of low voltage systems.

I find great inspiration in the meaningful connections and relationships I’ve forged within the industry. It’s so satisfying to pass a building that my team has worked on. It serves as a tangible reminder of the impact and value of my work.

What kinds of projects do you like to work on?

Projects I typically enjoy the most are ones where we have a pre-existing relationship with the client, since I find having an established rapport makes for a smoother process. I also enjoy working on integrated projects with other McKinstry teams. On a current project, I have the opportunity to work in tandem with the McKinstry Mechanical and Electrical teams. This collaborative approach not only strengthens our performance, but also enhances the overall impression we make on clients.

What’s your favorite part about working at McKinstry?

It’s great to be a part of a well-known and respected company. I enjoy being part of a company with such a diverse skill set. If I ever run into an issue on a project where we need another trades’ support, there’s typically a team at McKinstry that can jump in and assist.

I really enjoy the team I’m working with now. We’re able to bounce ideas off each other, grow together, and learn. I haven’t experienced that as much at other companies, especially leaders who support us with decisions we make on projects. My manager, John Fritchley, is truly committed to upholding McKinstry values and his dedication to practicing these values not only inspires me but also fosters an environment of integrity and excellence.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two labradoodles, Sage and River. I love hiking, camping, traveling, and getting outdoors. Alongside my love for nature and adventure, I value nurturing my relationships with family and friends and cherishing the connections we share.

This year brings an exciting milestone as we are expecting our first child in September, so I’ve been preparing for that major life change, embracing the anticipation, and taking necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition into the next chapter of our lives.

Any wisdom you can share?

Stay eager to learn — and learn from others. Everybody brings something different to the table and has something to offer, so it’s important to have that perspective when you’re going into new situations. It’s helpful for the world we live in since it’s constantly changing. If you’re having an issue with a project, you have to take it one step at a time and not look at all your issues at once. It helps you view your situation differently. It’s always important to assume positive intent when you’re collaborating with others. It can be hard to do at times but keeping a positive attitude and recognizing that everybody is trying to do their best can help you get through it.

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