Driving Industry Inclusion

When people think of the construction industry, too often they conjure up an image of a construction site with few people of color or women. While that stereotype is not as pervasive as it once was, the industry still needs to step up our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion to create a workforce that is a true representation of our culturally diverse and rich communities.

McKinstry is committed to breaking down barriers of systemic inequities and creating opportunities for advancement, regardless of race, income or other characteristics. We recognize that we must build coalitions that advance equity of women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community and members of other historically disadvantaged communities.

The work must happen from within our own workplace to bring about meaningful change at all fronts. McKinstry is striving to build a workforce that represents the vibrant mosaic of diversity within our communities, thereby reflecting our tenets of diversity and inclusion.

The industry still has a long road ahead to true diversity and inclusion, but it is encouraging to see our employees work with us to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging to eradicate implicit bias and empower each person to be their authentic selves.

Join our Action for Impact movement to build coalitions for a more equitable, just and inclusive built environment.

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