From Reactive to Proactive Maintenance

Building operating costs have been steadily increasing, putting a strain on budgets, priorities and overall building efficiency and maintenance. On top of that, many building owners conduct only a limited amount of preventive maintenance, leaving significant cost saving opportunities on the table. By running equipment without a preventive maintenance program in place, equipment typically fails early leading to issues throughout its life.

We can help you shift from a reactive, corrective maintenance approach to planned, proactive maintenance. This data-driven solution is focused heavily on monitoring and optimization and has the potential to drastically increase your operational efficiency and reduce operations and maintenance labor, materials and vendor costs. Beyond cost savings, a proper preventive maintenance plan can increase equipment life, ensure a timely resolution for work orders and therefore create additional time to spend on critical issues and ultimately improve occupant comfort through reduced equipment downtime.

Built for Action Solutions

All infrastructure must be considered in terms of its long-term impact in supporting sustainability and avoiding stranded assets that must be paid for twice. Identifying major building and maintenance deficiencies, determining the estimated remaining life of each building system and establishing a score for specific equipment as well as for the entire building may seem overwhelming, but these are crucial steps in effective planning.

We offer a series of comprehensive, meticulous and built-for-action solutions to meet your needs. Our combined quantitative and qualitative approach combines expertise, intelligence, data and analytics leading to a robust and reliable determination of asset condition. This helps you determine prioritization of projects, and our evaluation of constructability of repairs or replacements informs cost estimating as well. Through this process, we help you make realistic, strategic decisions that allow you to efficiently plan and prioritize resource allocation.

Experienced Strategic Planners

McKinstry is an experienced strategic planner who understands how to take facility data and turn it into action. Our tools are user-friendly and designed to help build capacity within your teams. We partner with our clients to work through our findings and explore capital investment scenarios, transition data into operational planning and set best practices for maintaining and updating this data. Our mission is to help you identify your long-term goals, gather data, develop a master plan to address and meet those goals and assist you in facilitating a solution.

Maximizing Your Time

Most building owners self-manage their capital project warranty process, but this can slow warranty issue verification.

Our warranty management program allows staff to submit warranty issues via phone, web portal and email. We consolidate communication and process into a single channel, ensuring warranty issues are communicated to and verified by the correct parties. By eliminating the time-consuming task of facilitating warranty issues, maintenance teams are freed up to focus on their top maintenance priorities and bolster facility operation.

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