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February 27, 2023

Minnesota Commits to 100% Clean Electricity by 2040 with Ambitious New Legislation

New Bill Creates Call to Action for Utilities Operators and Businesses Alike

Minnesota has joined over 20 states who have implemented climate action legislation with a commitment to transition to 100% clean electricity by 2040. On February 7, Governor Tim Walz signed the clean energy bill (HF7) into law, putting Minnesota on track to pursue one of the country’s most accelerated timelines to make the switch away from fossil fuel energy sources.

What’s New with Minnesota’s Clean Electricity Bill?

Why Does It Matter?

What’s Next for Minnesota Communities and McKinstry?

At McKinstry, we recognize and celebrate Minnesota’s aggressive approach to transforming the state to ensure resilient, efficient, healthy and sustainable communities for its residents and visitors. As we continue to support communities in Minnesota, and across the U.S., with efforts to invest in infrastructure and achieve ambitious decarbonization goals, we celebrate leaders like Governor Walz, Lieutenant Governor Flannagan, Senator Nick Frentz and House Majority Leader Jamie Long, and members of the Minnesota House and Senate who voted in support of this bill, accepting the urgency and recognizing the time is now to face the climate challenge head on.

Project Experience

See innovation and creativity in action through our recent projects.

Project Experience
Project Experience

Winona State University

McKinstry has been proud to partner with Winona State University on a $12 million Leading Energy Savings & Sustainability (LESS) project.

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Project Experience
Project Experience

The City of Rochester

To help achieve these aggressive goals, the city partnered with McKinstry to revitalize and optimize two of the city’s landmark buildings, the Mayo Civic Center and the Rochester Recreation Center.

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