McKinstry’s DJ Hubler on Celebrating Father’s Day

What is your role at McKinstry?

I am the regional director of Rocky Mountain Energy focused on running and growing the Colorado Energy business.

Tell us about your family.

I have a wife, Katy; an eleven-year-old daughter, Cora; a seven-year-old son, Jamie and a six-year-old dog, Libby. Cora is a self-described “theater kid” who has loved being on the stage since the moment she could walk. She is also a top-notch baker, reads constantly and memorizes lyrics the first time she hears a song. Seven-year-old Jamie has never met a sport he didn’t like. Although his favorite depends on his mood at the moment, he usually says basketball, soccer or skiing (or sometimes mountain biking, or parkour). My third and most needy “child” is our six-year-old rescue dog Libby (originally named Lady Liberty). She was a pandemic puppy who still craves constant attention.

My wife, Katy recently returned to her dream job as an elections policy project manager at the National Conference of State Legislatures and loves spending time outside, hiking, mountain biking, working in the yard or simply enjoying the rustle of aspen leaves from our back deck.

What is the meaning of Father’s Day to you?

Father’s Day is a reminder to me of the intense and immediate love I felt for my kids when they were first born. It’s also a good time to reflect about being a thoughtful and present parent doing what I can to help my kids them grow up to be good people.

Who is a fatherly figure in your life that helped shape you?

My dad. My dad wasn’t your quintessential male figure, but he taught me the importance of awareness, not being tolerant of things not being right and being true to one’s self.

What do you hope to pass on to the next generation through your example and work?

I would like to pass on being curious and thoughtful. It took me a while to understand how important those two things are in life. If I can help my kids and other people I work with learn that sooner than I did, that would be a good thing.

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