McKinstry Recognizes Safety All-Stars and Safety Champion for 2023

Each year, McKinstry’s Safety Excellence Recognition Program recognizes and celebrates individual efforts that reinforce and strengthen our safety commitment and culture. At McKinstry, safety is more than a priority ― it’s a core value to ensure every person goes home unharmed. These individuals have gone above and beyond to own safety in the workplace and support safety excellence nationwide.

Now in its sixth year, the program celebrates actions that embody tenets of our safety program;

“It’s really exciting that the number of safety excellence recognitions we get is continuing to grow,” said Dean Allen, CEO. “Last year we had 390, and we already have 479 so far this year. People are taking safety seriously and keeping it top of mind, which is so important.”

2023 Safety All-Stars

2023 Safety Champion

Sonny Kelley

Sonny Kelley, a pipefitter in New Construction Mechanical, Inland Northwest, was commended for his outstanding work using McKinstry’s Wait-a-Second pillar while on the job. Sonny noticed the subcontractor’s piping foreman had started a chilled water pressure test without performing key safety steps such as alerting our crew, clearing the area, and providing signage on his job walk. Sonny immediately shut down the test, pulled in the foreman, and brought everyone on board with safe parameters and a thoroughly planned protocol for the test going forward.

“This is the kind of thing that makes such a difference,” said Dean Allen. “Being observant and vigilant about what’s going on in the environment and then being assertive and proactive and stepping up to make a difference. I can’t thank you enough, Sonny, and your teammates are so proud of the way you conducted yourself, which is why we are bestowing this award on you. I’m looking forward to a year from now when we’ll hear what incredible adventure you take.”

“I’ve worked for McKinstry for 12 years, from apprentice up to project superintendent. This company has been a great support for me in my career growth. Winning this award validates my beliefs and my work. It also highlights the accomplishments of our team values as we strive for perfection. I’m proud to say I work for and belong to the McKinstry family. It’s nice knowing I work for a company that cares about the safety of myself and others!”

Sonny Kelley

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