Kreischer Davis

Account Executive
Phoenix, Arizona

What is our biggest opportunity to decarbonize the built environment?

There is a growing contingent of folks in Arizona that are recognizing that climate change is real and are beginning to agree that setting decarbonization goals make sense. The part that I’m particularly trying to tackle is how to communicate the benefits of decarbonization in a language that they can understand outside of just ROI and dollar savings.

Which project are you proudest of?

The very first project that I worked on was Coolidge Unified School District in 2014. It was an ESPC project during the infancy of the Arizona office that we continue to serve.

Although the district is small and potentials seemingly limited, we were able to perform a facility condition assessment in 2019 to provide vital facility data to help pass a bond election that fall. That same year, we helped transfer our M&V services over to AEM to help the facilities team identify issues and keep energy savings intact.

Finally, we are in the process of discussing how McKinstry can be a partner to tackle bond projects that may include classroom space renovations, district-wide LED upgrades, solar photovoltaics, better ventilation and various other bond projects.

How do the ideals of Action for Impact influence your daily life?

The ongoing escalation of extreme weather continues to make me wonder how things will be when my young boys get older. Our 2025 aspirations and the connection to our value of making a positive difference are major contributors to what motivates me when I come into work and speak with our clients.

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