Cutting Solar PV Costs for Howard County in Arkansas

A sizeable ground-mounted solar photovoltaics (PV) array delivered the cost savings Howard County needed while increasing energy certainty for its residents.

Howard County and McKinstry partnered on an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) that delivered guaranteed utility cost savings through energy efficiency upgrades and critical system replacements. The centerpiece was a new, 308kW solar PV array.

Reliability and Affordability Delivered

Howard County had no existing method of generating its own power and its facilities required significant maintenance and upgrades. That didn’t sit well with county officials looking to increase resiliency.

McKinstry performed an energy audit and designed a budget neutral ESPC project that would leverage utility cost savings to pay for the facility maintenance and upgrades while also buying down the cost of a sizeable solar PV array.

Accelerating Our Zero-Carbon Future

Howard County took a major step in accelerating a zero-carbon future. The solar PV array coupled with the energy upgrades and retrofits will bring Howard County close to net-zero energy. In other words, the county will generate as much energy each year as it consumes at zero cost premium to taxpayers. Sustainability meets fiscal responsibility.


Nashville, AR

Services Provided:

Energy Services

Solar & Renewables

Solar PV Array:

308 kW



“A solar array is something I might never have considered if not recommended by McKinstry. I commend them for finding a way to introduce a renewable energy source that above all else provides real cost savings, which allow the county to pay for critical maintenance and upgrades with zero cost burden for taxpayers.”

– Judge Kevin Smith, Howard County, Arkansas