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February 05, 2024

Facility Condition Assessments – Going Beyond the Checklist 

Warm, safe and dry buildings are at the core of every organization. Conversely, inefficient, aging facilities prevent building owners and occupants from fulfilling their missions. Whether managing a singular facility or several, having a thorough understanding of asset conditions within your portfolio will help optimize operations, increase return on investment and reduce liabilities.

For facilities with reactive maintenance and operational strategies, establishing a successful, data-driven full lifecycle program with proactive maintenance and robust capital planning is a challenge. Developing a proactive building operations strategy begins with data and oftentimes, a facility condition assessment is the best way to collect and implement actionable facility data. McKinstry is proud to offer a comprehensive, phased approach to facility condition assessments (FCA) that goes beyond the industry’s traditional checklist model to provide integral facilities data to help determine condition, replacement timelines and costs, plus risk and needs assessments.

Going beyond the outdated checklist model, our added-value approach delivers actionable data plus robust multi-year capital planning and decarbonization road mapping that adapts and changes as your facilities do. With in-house engineering, construction and building operations teams, our FCA reporting provides clients with detailed and accurate construction grade estimates, allowing clients to develop efficient and cost-effective capital plans to improve utility systems, upgrade aging equipment and meet growing demands on building systems.

McKinstry’s FCA approach ensures your capital planning budget is top of mind. Unlike other FCA processes that end when the final report is delivered, our phased approach includes actionable next steps and the expertise to execute them.  

Using McKinstry’s approach, your facilities team can expect maximized value through bundled services including cooperative purchasing programs, existing building commissions (EBCx) and seamless integration to your computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).

Our teams offer extensive knowledge around work management software of all kinds, with the expertise and skills needed to seamlessly integrate facility information into any system, including easy-to-upload spreadsheets or forms to populate current or future computerized maintenance management systems. With knowledge of both legacy and emerging CMMS, McKinstry uses your current CMMS and future CMMS goals to better inform recommendations. Our value is thoughtful evaluation of current systems and processes to help bring you closer to your goals for modernization and standardization of work order management systems for operational efficiency.  

Modern buildings warrant a modern approach to capital planning and asset management with delivery of real-time, actionable data, that is both functional and transferable. However, the delivery of data alone is not enough to successfully implement a successful capital planning strategy. Going beyond the checklist model, a comprehensive FCA effort offers data interpretation and modeling. Using our capital planning dashboard, Reveal™, McKinstry helps your team interpret data, communicate it and plan for the future using a central repository that evolves with your assets over time.  

Using data from Reveal™ and our experience in facility engineering, we’re well-equipped to offer your existing facility teams guidance on evaluating and executing long-term maintenance. Our FCA efforts are more than a checklist walkthrough of your assets; in addition to the bundled services and proprietary dashboard we’ve discussed, our team analyzes big picture operations, considering staffing efficiencies and demands as well as how to optimize your teams to best support your assets. Comparative data may also provide support for narratives around staffing gaps, asset consolidation and centralization of operations. 

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