2023 Impact Award Winners

The Annual Impact Awards recognize McKinstry employees who rise above and beyond to forward McKinstry’s environmental and social responsibility aspirations. Award recipients have an opportunity to direct a $5,000 gift from the McKinstry Charitable Foundation to an organization that is important to them and aligns with our philanthropic priorities, as well as participate in a special community activity with our executives in the next calendar year. Congrats to the 2023 Impact Award winners!

Eric Longo | Fabrication Shop Manager

“Eric has single-handily elevated our education and student engagement experiences,” said James Miller, vice president operations, Construction. “Through Eric’s support and participation, we’ve been able to develop hands-on experiences that promote our industry to youth of color, girls, and other under-represented students. Eric’s efforts will continue to deliver value to youth in our communities for years to come.”

Eric facilitated the inaugural Heavy Metal Summer Experience, helping to ensure a safe, successful and fun program for high schoolers interested in the trades. Eric readily offers his assistance in hosting tours in the McKinstry shop for WABS, ANEW, or other groups that advance opportunity for underrepresented people in the industry. 

“I want to provide young individuals with alternative options for continuing their education after high school, emphasizing that there are viable paths beyond the traditional ones. Building strong relationships with parents, school districts and industry partners, I aim to foster a supportive environment for those considering vocational routes.” —Eric Longo

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Molly O’Neill-Schroeer | Senior Construction Manager

“Molly embodies what makes McKinstry people so amazing,” said Justin Fallstrom, senior regional director. “She cares for her teammates, the community and our clients and goes out of her way to make sure people feel included. I am proud of her every day.” 

The founder of the Gender Equity PDX Alliance and current co-chair, Molly has been a consistent champion of social and environmental initiatives at McKinstry. She has been a conversationalist in Building Bridges, participates on the Vendor Diversity Council and has served as a mentor in both cohorts of our ScaleUp advising program for diverse vendors. 

“I have always been a ‘walk the talk’ kind of person who will continue to be mindful of doing my part to continue to learn in this space and continue to focus on strengthening human connections through meaningful movement forward.” —Molly O’Neill-Schroeer

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Theresa Little | Talent Development Manager 

“Wherever Theresa goes, she leaves a wake of positivity,” said Halley Bock, senior director of talent. “Through her efforts both in her core job and as an active teammate around social responsibility, she’s had a material impact on the careers and abilities of hundreds of our employees while enhancing McKinstry’s culture.”

Theresa has been a champion of McKinstry’s DEI initiatives, working closely with the Social Impact team in contributions to our Building Bridges series and alliances, including serving on the steering committee of the Unity Alliance. Theresa has supported learning and development opportunities for all our alliances, and she has also served as a Washington State Opportunity Scholarship mentor. 

My involvement in various initiatives at McKinstry, from the Unity Alliance to DEI efforts, is driven by a belief that sharing and learning each other’s stories contributes to collective growth. It’s about fostering a sense of community within McKinstry and extending our impact beyond the workplace, making us better neighbors, parents, and colleagues. The recognition of environmental and social responsibility, as evidenced by initiatives like the Impact Award, further reinforces the importance of contributing to the well-being of both internal and external communities.” —Theresa Little

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