Tony Kuo

Senior Counsel
Seattle, Washington

What path brought you to McKinstry?

Once upon a time, I was asked by a nonprofit to help with some contracts. I ended up overseeing the facilities operations of all their sites in the Puget Sound area and was responsible for the design, bid and operations of a 10,000 sqft social service center. It housed several social service programs, including a Head Start program, employment programs, as well as youth programming, but also served as a tacit environmental education facility.

We created a facility that was one point away from LEED Platinum certification, and I did it for a nonprofit where the average client was 150% below the poverty line. We had no ability to pass costs down to the customers.

My claim to fame is that I could say at one point, I built the largest solar panel array in Western Washington and I did it for a nonprofit. Now I work for a company that builds them 10 times bigger.

What does equity mean to you?

From income to opportunity, it’s understanding that in the end, we’re all one people. We all have the same hopes and fears. And while we may have different views and opinions, it’s understanding that our greatest strength can be found hiding within the common chorus that all these different views and opinions can bring forth. We just have to be willing to look for it.

What can we do to strengthen inclusivity at McKinstry?

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and listen. Everyone has their own preconceived thoughts and ideas. Sometimes others may have some that challenge your own. If we’re willing to learn and listen, we can all grow from everyone’s perspective.

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