Ron Paquin

Lead Facility Engineer
Seattle, Washington

What aspect of your job makes you happy?

I am mindful of the joy I feel from providing good work, and I love that my work directly relates to the overall well-being of others.

What excites you about working at McKinstry?

We are constantly exploring ways to better the lives of humans and their surroundings in a responsible way.

How do the ideals of Action for Impact influence your daily life?

Action for Impact is a large part of our daily lives in facilities. We support the ideals of reducing our carbon footprint by making it a day-to-day reality.

We repurpose and find new life for existing furniture and parts, we’ve retrofitted all the lighting in the Seattle campus to LED, we’ve perfected the building envelope by installing new low-E glass and we’ve also installed VRF HVAC systems with a complete BAS system to schedule and track our building systems

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