McKinstry’s Paige Perilloux on Building Effective Teams To Help Clients Thrive

“The opportunity to help our clients address the challenges they have with their buildings and address their desire to positively impact our climate is rewarding.”

Paige Perilloux is a regional director for Technical Services working out of Tampa, Florida and has been with McKinstry for half a year and has worked in the buildings industry for over 27 years. Paige sees success in her role as the ability to grow the business one success at a time, one client at a time and have fun while doing it.

Learn more about Paige’s experience and insight on building effective teams that help clients thrive.

Learn More About Paige’s Experience

What is your role at McKinstry? How did you get there?

I am the regional director for Technical Services and part of the leadership team responsible for the expansion on the East Coast. My path to this point is a culmination of experiences over the past 27 years in the building industry. I was offered my first opportunity in sales in an underserved market helping public entities through energy services contracting work. I was fortunate enough to have worked with the first K-12 performance contract in the state as well as the first community college to implement a PC contract. After 13 years of cultivating solutions for clients and making an impact on their organizations, I was asked about leading others in a management role. I moved my family to Texas to sell in a larger market and then took the leap of moving my family to the Middle East. The international experience was extremely positive for both my family and myself, professionally and personally. The exposure to matrix organizational leadership with multiple business lines as well as geographic leadership prepared me for future opportunities. Upon returning to the US, I was thoughtful about focused experiences with various building technologies such as AV, Security, Fire and Building Automation. There were also opportunities to expand beyond direct sales and to manage channels from a distribution standpoint. My most recent career move involved a full circle return to ESPC leadership however I found that I was searching for a ‘career home.’ I desired to work for a company that shared my value system. I learned about McKinstry and the Active Operations opportunity in Tampa from my own sales team, and I was impressed with the brand and market reach that McKinstry was establishing in Florida. I wanted to be a part of that innovation in the marketplace.

How did you develop an interest in your field?

Kismet? Family? I believe both. My uncle started as a draftsman with a mechanical contractor in New Orleans where I am from. I called him one day questioning my career path as I had just graduated from LSU with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He introduced me to the industry. I knew that I wanted to be in business, but I really had no idea what I was going to be doing for my career at the age of 23. I luckily fell into a career path that has been fulfilling to me and an industry that I am proud to be part of.

What does success look like in your role?

The regional director role at McKinstry requires opening doors, introducing and educating clients about McKinstry and the positive impact we make for the planet and our local communities and building a team that fits within the culture of McKinstry. Success in my role is the ability to grow the business one success at a time, one client at a time, and have fun while doing it.

What is the most rewarding thing about your work?

Helping. Our clients are struggling with many issues. The opportunity to help our clients address the challenges they have with their buildings and address their desire to positively impact our climate is rewarding.

What change do you hope to inspire through your work at McKinstry?

I hope to inspire transparent, firm but kind leadership that breeds success in business. If you do the right things for your people, for your client and for your community then good things will come to your team and your organization. Success is not always the top line. Building a business at McKinstry means many things almost always supported by our value system.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Traveling, scrapbooking and game nights with friends are my go tos when there is downtime. Tampa is home with my husband, Mike, and our 3 children, Nick, Ellie and Livvy plus our fur baby, Kota. We love to explore the quiet parts of our country in our 5th wheel RV, and I spend my free time memorializing those family memories in scrapbooks.

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