Operating with Confidence

As more companies are looking ahead to life after the pandemic, they are faced with the issue of creating safe workspaces for their employees. Buildings cannot operate at no-to-low occupancy for prolonged periods. Mechanical systems lose efficiency. Pipes and plumbing fixtures corrode. Dangerous bacteria, including legionella, builds up. Returning to occupancy requires specific procedures to ensure the health and safety of all occupants.

McKinstry evaluates indoor air quality, ventilation, humidity, domestic water and more against CDC, ASHRAE and OSHA guidance. The assessment leads to an action plan tailored to your specific occupancy and operating requirements – whether it’s no-to-low occupancy or a return with confidence. If needed, McKinstry will implement the recommended actions either by self-performing or coordinating with trade partners.

McKinstry stays engaged and continually monitors and verifies operations as your facility needs shift. Operating and system parameters are tuned as CDC, ASHRAE and OSHA guidance evolves.

Improving comfort and safety through air quality

McKinstry provides HVAC system assessments, consulting and upgrades to clients in various industries. Through our deep knowledge of industry standards and understanding of the evolving guidance for mitigating the spread of disease and airborne contaminants, our team leverages tried and true best practices and HVAC strategies to assess options, recommended solutions and work across multiple departments, with leadership and staff, to create a multipronged approach for keeping occupants healthy.

Optimum ventilation and filtration through well-maintained HVAC systems can reduce the airborne concentration of contaminates. The CDC and ASHRAE recommend the following to lower the risk of transmission through the air.

McKinstry is helping companies nationwide optimize their facilities to operate with confidence. Allow us to deliver focus and ensure your workforce’s health and safety as they return back to the office. For more information, please contact us at 855.936.2554 or [email protected].

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