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Crazy for collaboration

McKinstry has helped create thousands of great buildings over the years. But it’s what we’ve torn down that’s made us successful. Long ago, we did away with the invisible walls that so often separate businesses from their clients, and replaced them with a total commitment to collaboration.

When we work with a client, we join their team… and they join ours. Their challenges become our challenges. And through questions and answers, give and take, and thorough discussions of what’s possible, we arrive at solutions together. Solutions not just for the short term, but for the life of their building.

Answers For Every Client Need

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McKinstry’s Cycle of Services creates a continuum of expertise and assistance that our clients can access at any point in the life of their building. And because each service is related to the others, the entire cycle is strengthened with every project, as new insights, knowledge, and data lead to increasingly positive outcomes.

Our staff is trained across multiple disciplines within our cycle of services. So no matter how the economy or our clients needs may change, we’re always ready with the appropriate expertise.

One-stop solutions

When we began in 1960, McKinstry was exclusively a mechanical contractor. But we knew that in order to help our clients achieve maximum success, we needed to give them not just what they expected of us, but what they needed most – well designed, easy-to-maintain buildings that work at peak levels of performance and economy.

To meet that goal, we moved away from specialization and toward expertise in all areas of design/build/operate/maintain (DBOM) – including engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, and management. This vertical integration is reflected in our Cycle of Services and makes McKinstry a one-stop resource for our clients at any point in the life of their building.

By excelling in every aspect of vertically integrated delivery, McKinstry is able to drive waste, cost, time, and redundancy out of the design/build process… and to then help every building run efficiently over its entire lifetime.

Better employees by design

McKinstry believes that fulfilled employees are productive employees. So we strive to create a workplace that helps every worker achieve their goals for both professional and personal growth. Our compensation packages are unsurpassed in the industry. Our workstyle is respectful and collaborative, giving everyone the chance to contribute. And if an employee wants to make a course correction within their McKinstry career, we support and even encourage them with additional training through McKinstry University. It all adds up to a culture that attracts great people who build great lives here.

Putting It All Together

In an industry where specialization is in increasing demand, our craftspeople and technologies are unsurpassed. And so is the innovative way we deliver what we create.

McKinstry configures entire assemblies in our fabrication complex. So instead of delivering individual parts to jobsites, we supply prefabricated ready-to-go solutions of the highest quality, creating significant cost/schedule savings.

Our fabrication facilities and logistics centers combine to create a buffer between design and construction that helps us provide the kind of just-in-time delivery preferred by builders. And with 50 years of fabrication cost/value feedback, our designers are constantly optimizing parts and components that are then integrated into our innovative design solutions.

Sustainable by nature

These days, everybody is on the sustainability bandwagon. But McKinstry has been driving that initiative for six decades. No company anywhere is more focused on creating innovative products and systems that get the most for every energy dollar.

We start by understanding what all of our clients want – lower costs for both construction and everyday operation, less environmental impact and carbon emissions, and worry-free performance. Then we address those concerns with the following steps:

  • Determine the client’s unique business condition and goals.
  • Benchmark current energy performance.
  • Match the most appropriate technologies and costs to the client’s situation.
  • Design, price, and calculate the savings of our recommendations.
  • Package available financing and rebates.
  • Guarantee performance of our design, construction costs, and operational savings.
  • Remain committed to measuring, verifying, and delivering continuous improvements in performance.

For The Long Haul

The design and construction industries are built around contracts and transactions that come to an end. But at McKinstry, we believe that our initial engagement with clients is just the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Since our goal is to service every client for the life of their building, our efforts are always outcome focused. No quick fixes. No trading short-term savings for years of energy waste. Instead, we take responsibility for the long-term success of our clients, guaranteeing specific savings in writing and continually monitoring the building to make good on those guarantees.


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