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It’s a complex balancing act to manage maintenance and operations for facilities with complex systems, demanding operating requirements and tenants with high expectations. McKinstry helps you navigate this challenge with our issue management solution. We incorporate people, process and our technology, InfoCentre, to help you best allocate resources, preserve assets and maintain high occupant satisfaction.

Our people stand behind yours from day one. McKinstry’s 24x7x365 call center employs dedicated and trained facility specialists who receive, distribute, track and follow up on every issue. We assign an account manager to examine your processes, train your teams and ensure a smooth transition. After implementation, they provide ongoing reporting, training and process support.

Even the best people need detailed and comprehensive processes. A comprehensive issue management system allows your staff to focus on higher-value tasks and makes technicians and vendors more efficient. Key site personnel, such as chief engineers or property managers, spend less time on administrative tasks associated with issue triage and follow up, and spend more time operating and maintaining your facilities.

All of this support is backed up by InfoCentre, our proprietary technology developed specifically for facility and property data management. We make sure all of the maintenance and operations data logged in InfoCentre is complete, clean and accurate so you can make intelligent and informed business decisions.

Reach out to us today to find out how InfoCentre can help you manage your facilities.

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