Before and after Los Angeles replaced their high-pressure sodium streetlights with LEDs. © COPYRIGHT 2015 CITY OF LOS ANGELES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Street Lighting

McKinstry has been working on exterior lighting projects for decades, completing various projects around the nation. LED roadway lighting has now become a cost-effective retrofit, due to its increased efficiency and performance, and the decreased cost of fixtures. Just 5 years ago, our municipal customers were not seriously considering LED roadway projects. Neither could we have recommended them, as we didn’t feel the technology was sophisticated/proven quite yet. This is no longer the case.

The right technology is available to ensure successful outcomes. With recent advancements, we are in the process of accomplishing many valuable projects, all in varying stages of development/construction. Our program to Re-Light American Roadways is intended to be a turn-key solution to convert roadway lighting in our communities in the most cost-effective manner. Our process is as follows:


Your roadway lighting conversion begins with a confirmation of the inventory owned and operated by your jurisdiction. Understanding what assets you own, operate and/or maintain is critical to qualifying the conversion opportunity.


Working with you on how the project can be funded is a critical component of your conversion.  We help you understand what funding opportunities are available to you, and the advantages of each. This process also includes confirming utility rate schedules and unbundling cost structures, as well cost and return on investment analysis.


Lighting design is important to ensuring you have the best applications for the roadway conditions in your community or geographical area. Design includes photometric analysis, fixture selection, code compliance and color temperature selection. The design phase is key to delivering the right amount of lighting to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.


Our team of expert lighting techs and electricians work with specialized bucket trucks and technology to convert the lighting in your existing portfolio to LED fixtures. This conversion process isn’t complete until fixtures and control systems are property commissioned, and each fixture is inventoried to import into your GIS system or asset management records.


Our national buying agreements with major manufacturers and the most efficient implementation crews help us provide the lowest cost for your conversion. Our prescriptive program allows a turn-key solution for roadway conversion.

Why LEDs?

Reduced energy consumption

LED roadway lights uses 60-75% less energy than current technologies.

Reduced maintenance costs

LED roadway lights last up to four times longer than traditional roadway lights. Most non-LED roadway lights, which rely on filaments and tubes that burn out, need to be replaced every 4-6 years. LED lights, which instead rely on computer chips and electronic parts, are expected to last for 15-20 years and are less likely to unexpectedly fail.

Improved light quality

LED lights produce better color rendering and uniform illumination patterns. The white light emitted by LEDs shows colors as they really are, and provides better visibility for drivers and pedestrians.

Environmentally friendly

LED light fixtures don’t use mercury or other toxic substances, and are often 100% recyclable. Longer lifetimes of the fixtures means fewer end up the landfill.

LED roadway lights often qualify for low-cost financing

Public agencies often qualify for low-interest bonds, grants or subsidies to upgrade their roadway lighting, which help offset the initial cost of the projects.


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