Smart Building Systems

The Intelligence Behind Ease, Comfort And Savings

McKinstry’s Smart Building Systems take advantage of intelligent automation, modern communications, and other technology solutions to operate, monitor, and maintain a building in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. A smart building will incorporate a range of technology services to greatly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs while improving comfort levels and automating many of the tasks normally performed by people.

McKinstry’s Smart Building Systems service offers a whole new approach to selecting and implementing technical systems in your facility. Our design team will serve as your product-neutral consultant to objectively ascertain the level of sophistication and integration your systems need, and to make recommendations for which systems best suit your business – resulting in a high performance building that achieves the long-term goals of your organization.


Consulting Services
We analyze and determine the best technology choices for your business, including comprehensive consideration of all communication and control systems: electrical, HVAC, security, lighting controls, fire alarm, safety, audio/visual, network infrastructure, etc.

Systems Leveraging
We make sure that your facility systems work as a cohesive operational system, providing you with the best allocation of your building’s budget.

Procurement Services
We put McKinstry’s buying power to work for you.  Based on the number of products and services we procure each year, we know the options available to you and how to best deliver them on time and on budget.

Transition to Sustainable Operations
We maximize productivity by providing smart equipment to create high performance buildings – and we’re there to ensure your facility operation staff knows how to run your new investment.

Connection to Operations
Making climate controls an operational tool, we position your operational teams to manage your facility proactively while maintaining safety, reliability, and utility consumption.


We take an analytical approach that considers every aspect of your building needs, combined with nearly 50 years of design, build, operate, and maintain experience, to deliver the best control and communication systems for your building.

Consultative Technique
We spend the time to understand your specific business objectives – including your operational and sustainable goals, and your budget.

Simplicity in Design | Deliverables | Operations
We devise a solution that provides operational sophistication and is customized to meet each client’s unique requirements. We then integrate these solutions across all the aspects of the project.

Financial Flexibility
McKinstry offers multiple contracting methods to make it easy for our clients to partner with us.


Many of the parts associated with controls and communications are interchangeable and can be integrated. We leverage our considerable expertise to achieve the outcome you desire – in design and implementation.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
We provide a competitive initial cost of services and technologies that decrease operational expense, flexibility for future technology evolution, an environment that drives higher productivity, and an increased asset value.

Technological Flexibility
We are product and vendor neutral, and focus on providing the best innovative solutions for your facilities.


  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Improved comfort levels
  • Automates tasks often performed by maintenance staff


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