Active Energy Management

Stretching Every Energy Dollar

The first step toward energy efficiency is getting a handle on your energy information. McKinstry’s Active Energy Management Services provide a powerful, energy and resource conservation focused solution for auditing, analyzing, and monitoring utility usage within and across your facilities. The service provides everything you need to analyze and manage utility and facility information to identify utility savings opportunities. The result – heightened utility expenditure accountability and conservation awareness. 

Active Energy Management provides best in class services by analyzing and reporting through our Performance Assurance Program, tracking performance related issues through our Work Order Management system and providing immediate diagnostics and corrective action to performance issues through our Operations Center.

Performance Assurance

McKinstry implements systems to track, notify, and assist in benchmarking facilities. Once these systems identify an abnormality, Performance Assurance analysts and Operations Center specialists diagnose and trouble-shoot the issue. Coupled with services that include real-time energy monitoring, Performance Assurance provides unsurpassed capability to increase operational efficiency, manage critical systems, and maximize energy efficiency.

Work Order Management

Our Operations Center utilizes a proprietary web-based technology application that serves as the information hub for our services, providing a work order management system and client specific information library. It is used to dispatch and follow-up on work orders of on-site facility resources, off-site support teams, subcontracted service providers, and all other individuals responsible for elements of facility management. Our application measures and reports performance and then communicates to our clients the status and solutions related to all energy management needs.

Operations Center

The Operations Center is staffed 24×7 by professionals experienced in automation and controls systems as well as mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems. By employing technologies and remotely accessing and monitoring facility systems, issues are efficiently and promptly resolved, often without the need to deploy field staff. When a site response is required, our team can determine the general cause of the problem and “smart dispatch” the appropriate service personnel. This process saves labor costs for the client in both scenarios and improves overall system performance.


  • Energy and operating cost reduction through detailed usage analysis
  • Reduction in administrative overhead through utility expenditure tracking
  • Budget forecasting and ongoing financial performance tracking for utility expenditures
  • Real-time remote response to performance issues to reduce issue cost and comfort impacts
  • Standardization of operating procedures with repository for rapid online reference
  • Lower overall operating costs through education and coaching by a staff of energy and facility experts
  • Mitigated risks and faster business recovery during emergencies
  • Higher tenant and occupant satisfaction


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