Active Energy Management

Optimize Your Performance – Drive Your Savings

McKinstry’s Active Energy Management (AEM) is a professional service that provides a technology enabled solution supported by commissioning engineers and facility staff. It delivers a facility management strategy that enables clients to make effective and timely decisions at all levels of an organization and focus on reducing operational and energy costs. The program implements energy savings measures through equipment enhancements and building automation system analytics. This unique service combines ongoing commissioning with technology providing a valuable partnership for clients to reach operational goals.


McKinstry understands the many facility and maintenance challenges our clients face in today’s world such as limited staff resources, critical and immediate need for change, and the ability to drive long-term sustainability. Our team is focused on client-specific needs and is flexible in how we deploy resources with the technology, based on industry aligned solutions and best practices. The result is the delivery of a program designed to align with key performance indicators (KPIs) to meet specific needs. We pair engineering analysis with technology to implement a comprehensive and effective program. We have a team of energy and commissioning engineers that can be deployed on-site, remotely, or in combination depending on client needs. In partnership with our technology development team, our commissioning engineers will interpret the results of the analytics, perform root cause analysis of the faults generated, create actionable opportunities to correct deficiencies or improve operations, and work to overcome challenges to implementing the opportunities.




– Agile response
– Bolsters training efforts
– Client-configured mapping and data classification
– Continuously tracked building data
– Customizable for multi-level decision making
– Energy and operational savings
– Full-service engineering and technical support
– Identifies key performance metrics
– Improves operational knowledge and standardizes practices
– Return on investment
– Savings durability


– Control device errors
– Efficient chiller plant use
– Equipment reset strategies
– Equipment runtime
– Excessive outside air
– Failed economizers
– Improved building schedules
– Improved sequence of operations
– Lighting control
– Outside air temperature lockouts
– Simultaneous heating and cooling

Actionable Data – Realized Savings


McKinstry’s approach to data and technology is unique in the industry. Our data acquisition approach allows for data collected to be warehoused and used by multiple software tools. This allows for use of best-in-class tools for analysis and visualization.


Reveal is a cloud based facility management portal. It brings together data from various sources and provides powerful visualizations for facility managers and executives to drive critical decisions for operations. Reveal integrates utility bill, building meter, building automation system, building asset inventory, renewables, and weather data. It tracks facility performance using fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), KPIs and normalized baseline comparison. It gives facility operators and managers a complete view of their facilities so they can make sound management decisions.

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