Planning Your Pathway to Compliance:

Washington Clean Buildings Act (HB1257)

The Clean Buildings Act (HB 1257) requires large nonresidential building owners in Washington state to demonstrate building performance in compliance with an established energy use intensity (EUI) target. Most building categories are covered, including commercial office, retail, government, healthcare, higher education and K-12 school districts.

It’s important that building owners are fully aware of Clean Buildings Act requirements. The financial consequences are not trivial. Any building that does not meet the specified EUI target for its category must perform an energy audit and implement measures to gain compliance.

Covered Buildings:

• Any nonresidential building larger than 50,000 gross sq. ft.

Exempt Buildings:

• Multifamily residential.

• Manufacturing buildings.

• Industrial buildings.

• Agricultural structures.

Compliance Pathways

Noncompliant buildings are required to:

• Perform an energy audit.

• Create an energy management plan.

• Implement an O&M program.

• Perform any energy efficiency measure deemed feasible by the energy audit.

Building owners are responsible for benchmarking and reporting EUI performance against the set EUI target. Building owners must also designate an energy manger and authorize an energy management plan and O&M plan.

Early-Adopter Incentives

While the first reporting deadline isn’t until 2026, building owners should not wait to begin planning. Meeting the standard before the required deadline could save considerable costs.

The Department of Commerce is also offering incentives for building owners willing to adopt the standard starting in 2021. Incentives are capped at $75 million and only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Clean Buildings Act Program Deadlines

McKinstry is ready to ensure the easiest and most efficient compliance path possible for our clients. Our experts can benchmark current EUI for your facilities and begin the compliance planning process while outlining early adoption incentive program opportunities.

For more information contact Ric Cochrane, McKinstry Clean Buildings Act Specialist,


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