Creating Buildings That Are Good Citizens

Design and installation of environmentally sound and energy efficient systems can have a long-term impact on the cost effective operations of a building and the productivity of its occupants. A building’s mechanical systems can consume more than 60 percent of its electricity while also affecting the health and comfort of building occupants.

Since 1960, McKinstry has committed itself to improving efficiency, creating conservation standards, developing resource-efficient designs, experimenting with a wide variety of design approaches, and sharing its specialized knowledge and experience within its industry.

McKinstry’s experienced staff and commitment to sustainability has resulted in nearly 50 years of high-integrity projects with unparalleled benchmarks for performance, quality, transparency, and service.

Program Services

LEED Consulting Services
McKinstry provides document coordination, expertise, guidance, and professional training, for both new construction and retrofitted existing buildings.

Sustainability Campus Master Plans
Designers guide client teams through the unique requirements of an integrated design process, assisting them in their awareness of available sustainability resources, technologies, and applications.

Carbon Footprinting & Strategic Reduction
McKinstry facilitates strategic planning for carbon footprint reduction by performing energy supply and demand audits, as well as by reviewing realistic options, budgets, and timelines for sustainable energy sources.

Sustainable Operations Consulting
McKinstry works in a collaborative effort with stakeholders to analyze operational activities, plans, and trends. An audit of potential improvements is developed with an implementation plan to foster a culture of sustainability for the daily life of an organization.

Energy Modeling
Energy models are used to optimize building design and prioritize decisions that will have the greatest effect on energy use and increase comfort and productivity for occupants and operators.

Performance Contracting
McKinstry can create energy-saving improvements within existing client budgets by financing projects with money saved through reduced future utility expenditures.

Resource Conservation Management
This management tool can reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and promote environmentally friendly operating practices through careful tracking of resources and detailed attention to operating parameters.


Single-Point Accountability
McKinstry provides in-house consulting, conceptual planning, designing, energy modeling, estimating, life-cycle cost analysis, and construction services.

Quantifiable Performance Benchmarks
McKinstry predicts, verifies performance, and guarantees results for conservation, infrastructure upgrades, or high-performance construction projects.

Financial Modeling

McKinstry’s financial modeling service is used to project costs for capital investments, LEED® certification, facility operation, future capital replacement, and ultimately, churn costs due to occupant relocation and space use changes. The cost-assessment tool is calibrated to reflect an organization’s accounting practices for cost of capital, inflation assumptions, depreciation, and expected resale or write-off of assets.

Outside Funding

McKinstry maximizes client investments by optimizing grants, providing utility incentives, and facilitating heavily subsidized financing that provides significant bottom line impact to our customers.


McKinstry excels at innovative design and engineering through integrated in-house evaluation and collaboration, design, modeling, and implementation.


  • K-12 education
  • Higher education
  • State government
  • Municipal government
  • Federal/national
  • Commercial real estate
  • Corporations


  • Minimize natural resource consumption
  • Minimize emissions that negatively impact the indoor and outdoor environment
  • Maximize operations and efficiency


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