Operational Modeling

A Reality Check

McKinstry’s operational modeling services examine all aspects of a future building’s operation and maintenance during design. By using Building Information Modeling (BIM), in conjunction with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach, we generate a comprehensive range of design, operations, and maintenance options for our clients.

BIM is a collaborative tool for designing that involves integrating the various disciplines to build a structure in a virtual environment. The process allows the design team to build a structural model in a virtual environment. The process allows the design team to work effectively, particularly when identifying potential problems before they arise during construction. Clients are actually able to “walk through” a structure during the design process, resolving many construction issues.

The model produces quantifiable data that can be used and modified during the life of the building – from initial concept design through construction, and ultimately through facility operations and maintenance. The information can be used to make decisions impacting site selection, systems design, engineering technologies, code compliance, and client satisfaction.

In a completed building, a BIM model stores information for every single element of the project, all of which can be “extracted” to generate plans, elevations, sections, schedules, material quantities, and cost estimates. The model can also remind building staff when it’s time for equipment maintenance.

McKinstry consults with clients in several stages:

  • Business needs/design – from benchmarking, cash management, cost modeling/planning and due diligence to fund monitoring, risk mitigation, supply chain management, and value analysis
  • Asset implementation – including change control and accounting, cost control, payments and final accounting, commissioning, etc.
  • Ongoing life-cycle – strategic facilities management and whole life analysis
  • Using operational modeling, clients are able to review comprehensive design details and project the implications into the life of the building. 


  • Decision making efficiency
  • Integrated design
  • Comprehensive tool for building maintenance and operations


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