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Getting The Most From Every Dollar

McKinstry is committed to delivering high-integrity projects to our clients with unparalleled benchmarks for performance, quality, transparency, and service. Our best-in-class technical services ensure superior quality projects without excess markups or project cost escalation. McKinstry’s focus on delivering value means more dollars are available for equipment, materials, installation, and construction to implement a greater scope of work. Your funds are spent on actual project implementation, rather than on increased overhead and margins.

McKinstry’s 50 years of experience demonstrates our ability to undertake a variety of projects with a high level of success and client satisfaction. We work closely with your team to help navigate the performance contracting process and ensure that your projects achieve the full spectrum of benefits that performance contracting has to offer. 

As an Energy Solutions partner, McKinstry excels at enabling each client to strengthen its bottom line via implementation of facility improvements. We collaborate to leverage energy and operational savings that could completely fund proposed upgrades and retrofits, without the need for additional capital. 

McKinstry is well versed in energy and utility conservation projects. We are nationally recognized as a premier provider of energy and water conservation projects. Our clients are a combination of public and private organizations that have collaborated with us to reduce their annual utility costs and upgrade aging infrastructures. McKinstry has developed many innovative solutions that meet our clients’ financial and technical criteria. Even on major remodel and new construction projects, we provide energy and utility conservation solutions that leverage utility rebates and ongoing savings to offset the cost of high performance systems and equipment. We have designed and implemented energy related projects that range in size from thousands of dollar to multi-millions… projects that include energy rebates resulting in annual energy savings well above current energy code requirements. 

We have the experience to identify, design, and manage a wide array of energy reducing and renewable energy projects. Our customers consistently tell us that our efforts have exceeded their expectations in terms of innovation, quality, and realized projected savings. 

We provide enhanced project delivery methods that further integrate key design/build/operate/maintain stakeholders and ensure high performance building outcomes aligned with your facility goals. 

We focus on creating high performance buildings through: 

  • Preliminary facility assessment 
  • Directed engineering study 
  • Construction management service 
  • Active energy management 

As your partner, McKinstry establishes a strong relationship to understand and execute your climate protection initiatives. We create innovative solutions and proactively enhance your community through our suite of services to create high performance buildings. 

Program Services

McKinstry is committed to providing excellence in the design, construction, and operation of your facilities. We continually strive to develop innovative, cost effective facility solutions for you. Below are the suite of services we deliver under an energy services performance based contract.

Energy Auditing
Our engineering-based approach to auditing, coupled with extensive site investigations and interviews, will generate a project that meets all of your financial, facility, and operational objectives.

Building Modeling/Building Design/Cost Estimating
McKinstry utilizes a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model throughout development to evaluate financial, environmental, and human options, and to facilitate decision making during the design process. TCO aids in design and construction choices that optimize the present value of all costs incurred and all of the value delivered over the life of a facility asset.

Performance Guarantee/Monitoring and Verification
We will guarantee up to 100% of energy savings on applicable scopes of work. We provide staff training and proper commissioning of systems to ensure savings are achieved. We develop a measure-specific performance assurance program to validate that optimal system performance is maintained.

McKinstry is a financially strong company that can directly secure funding for large ESPC projects or partner with third party financial institutions to arrange maximum funding. 

Construction Management
McKinstry serves as the prime contractor, responsible for all facets of successful project delivery and execution. Our construction experience is vast and includes state governments, cities and municipalities, university and college campuses, school districts, healthcare institutions, high-tech and bio-tech facilities, as well as commercial and industrial office buildings.

Our start-up, self performance competency, includes system balancing, control system testing, and digital archiving of building design and performance data, all focused on operational stability.

A well-trained and developed facilities staff has a direct impact on achieving annual savings, maintaining occupant thermal comfort, and extending equipment life. McKinstry will take your team through an extensive training program presented by a consortium of subcontractors, engineers, and suppliers, and document the training for later review.

Operations & Maintenance
We develop an engineered maintenance plan that lists the various service tasks and frequency for all of the applicable system components. This comprehensive approach helps you to optimize system performance and the life of your equipment.


No Premium for the ESPC Process

We are proud to deliver our clients high-performance turn-key projects at pricing comparable to typical construction industry standards.

Open Book Pricing & Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMAX) 

Provides transparency for all construction costs as well as professional services fees, including overhead and profit percentages. True open book pricing from start to finish.

Single-Point Accountability

McKinstry’s projects always identify one person who is empowered to make decisions and is available to you – your single point of accountability. Our professional engineers stamp our MEDP designs, demonstrating our responsibility to our services.

Quantifiable Performance Benchmarks

McKinstry utilizes third party international protocols as the standard for measuring and verifying performance and efficiency guarantees – for energy conservation, infrastructure upgrades, or high-performance new construction projects.

Vendor Neutrality

McKinstry is vendor-neutral, using products and materials that our customers specifically request, or are the most competitive in quality and value. This allows us to develop the best total solution for our customers.


McKinstry will go far beyond a typical performance contract. We not only excel at innovative design and engineering, we maximize your investment by optimizing grants, maximizing utility incentives, and facilitating project financing that provides for significant impact to each customer’s bottom line. Other innovations include:

  • Aggressive pursuit of utility incentives and grants
  • Evaluation of sustainable energy systems 
  • Using our Total Cost of Ownership program to model and evaluate first cost, operational cost, productivity, and capital cost over time
  • Knowledge Response Center – our 24/7 fully-staffed facility management center
  • Utility Information Management (UIM) programs, including real-time monitoring, load shedding, and comprehensive trend history and data reports
  • Comprehensive infrastructure commissioning and retro-commissioning services 
  • Performance-based design/build high-performance/LEED services for existing buildings and new construction
  • Marketing support – public education and media releases showcasing your project


  • Innovative design and engineering
  • Maximized investment through grants, utility incentives, and financing
  • Quantifiable benchmarks
  • Active energy management


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