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McKinstry Wireless builds scalable wireless infrastructure solutions that keep people and devices seamlessly connected, while improving coverage, capacity and public safety. We design and deliver connected ecosystems that are smart, efficient and perform for the life of the building.




McKinstry is known for understanding buildings inside and out. This includes our deep industry knowledge and technical experience designing wireless infrastructure. We build some of the most innovative and efficient systems in place today. Our experience providing maintenance throughout a building’s entire life cycle allows us to design and deliver sustainable systems that can grow and be updated as technologies evolve. We keep our finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing wireless industry so you remain on the leading edge.


McKinstry designs and delivers wireless ecosystems that are scalable and customized to meet your needs. We are able to build a solution around any platform that is viable, and we focus on finding the best technology for the job. We are vendor- and equipment-agnostic, designing systems that meet your requirements, budget and operational needs.


We help clients create the best wireless strategy possible by analyzing current coverage and capacity levels, benchmarking, then creating a technology roadmap that uses the most effective wireless technology. We work closely with carriers, have public safety radio and fire code expertise, and offer financing options.

Our in-house RF engineers are some of the best in the field, with every one of them holding standard industry and manufacturer certifications. After completing a site survey and wireless network assessment, our experienced engineers design carrier-grade wireless systems customized to customer requirements.

Whether it’s a neutral host DAS, a public safety system, wired infrastructure or other fiber connectivity system, we manage all aspects of designing and delivering a wireless system that is best suited to achieve your vision. But we don’t walk away after the system is on air. We provide ongoing monitoring of the system, and provide continued updates, improvements and maintenance.


The McKinstry Wireless team is one of the most technical groups working today in the wireless and cellular infrastructure market. Since we are committed to the entire life of a building, we are invested in the success of each project. We partner with our customers, carriers and other vendors to create high quality, well-designed solutions that are built to last and easy to maintain.

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McKinstry builds some of today’s smartest, most energy-efficient buildings with automated building operations designed to dramatically reduce energy use, optimize how space is used and improve occupant comfort. McKinstry Wireless takes the concept to the next level, designing wireless communications systems that enable a completely connected experience for smart buildings, communities and cities.


McKinstry Wireless works with all major Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) and Mobile Network Operator (MNOs) to extend cellular network coverage indoors, using multiple distributed antenna technologies, to best address each client’s unique needs, both today and well into the future.We manage all aspects of engineering, planning, permitting, construction and commissioning of wireless systems that provides the necessary cellular coverage and capacity to securely share information from anywhere within a facility and its surrounding areas. We are vendor- and equipment-agnostic, engineering flexible systems that are designed to grow, while meeting the requirements, budget and operational needs of each customer.


Concrete walls, metal structures and high-efficiency glass help drive energy efficiency but also block radio signals from entering buildings. Federal, state and municipal codes mandate that first responder radio signals be available throughout buildings in the event of an emergency. McKinstry Wireless is well versed in the necessary installation and design standards for providing first responder radio coverage including Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (PS DAS) and Emergency Radio Responder System (ERRS). We will install systems guaranteed to meet code requirements and your deadline for occupancy.


McKinstry Wireless optimizes WLAN performance, minimizing help desk calls from unsatisfied users, maximizing performance of critical applications, and keeping sensitive data secure. We can provide guidance on all aspects of your wireless network design, and will support whichever products you choose – making sure you get what works best for your needs. Our staff is trained and certified to install network management hardware and software to give insight and control over the performance of the entire network.


Our most important deliverable is not a piece of technology or equipment—it’s an experience. When a person walks into your building, their wireless experience from outdoor to indoor should be seamless: no dropped calls or service interruption, high data speeds, IoT devices fully functional, and enhanced safety systems in place. McKinstry Wireless enables people to interact with and communicate anywhere within the built environment that provides a safe and connected living and working space.

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We provide turnkey services, developing wireless infrastructure solutions and handling every stage of the work from planning and design through installation and commissioning, and ongoing maintenance and updates. We work closely with carriers, have extensive public safety radio and fire code expertise, and can provide ongoing support services to deliver more client value.


McKinstry Wireless provides turnkey wireless infrastructure solutions. By creating a wireless ecosystem that seamlessly connects people and devices in any built environment, we help improve coverage, capacity and safety. We handle every aspect of establishing optimum connectivity—from designing and building the most efficient system, to helping operate, maintain and monitor the system throughout the life of the building.


We help clients create the best wireless strategy possible by analyzing current coverage and capacity levels, providing benchmarking, then creating a technology road map that makes use of the most effective wireless technology.Our project managers have years of industry experience and technical know-how, and provide a single point of accountability throughout the deployment of the solution, working closely with wireless carriers and public safety agencies to ensure that systems are fine-tuned to all third-party specifications.


McKinstry Wireless offers financial flexibility with several financing models. Contact us for more details.

  • For smaller buildings and venues, Capital or Construction Budget for public safety and new construction.
  • For larger enterprises, Operating Budget/Managed Services provided as a utility with a longer-term contract with flexible ownership options.
  • Wireless Operator Funded, which includes minimal capital contribution from the enterprise or venue.


Our in-house RF engineers are some of the most experienced in the field, with every one of them holding standard industry and manufacturer certifications. Their scope includes completing an extensive site survey and wireless coverage assessment, then designing carrier-grade wireless systems customized to customer requirements. After the solution has been installed, our engineers commission the system, handling all phases of work to get the system tested, working at peak performance and on air.


Whether it’s a neutral host distributed antenna system (DAS), a public safety system, wired infrastructure or other fiber connectivity system, McKinstry Wireless manages all aspects of building and installing a wireless system that is best suited to achieve your vision. We manage complex network designs to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget while meeting your organization’s performance and security requirements.


When we implement a new system, McKinstry Wireless ensures all carrier-licensed frequencies are transmitted without interference and all public safety channels are unblocked and inter-operable. Once the system is on air, we provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the system 24/7/365.

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SMART BUILDINGS, COMMUNITIES & CITIES Whether it is a neutral-host distributed antenna system (DAS), a public safety system, wired infrastructure or other fiber connectivity, McKinstry Wireless designs and delivers scalable wireless communications systems that meet your requirements, budget and operational needs while offering a completely connected experience.


Fast, reliable, consistent wireless coverage is now a requirement for enterprises. Due to the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, the need for higher data rates, and increased mobility of employees, a robust in-building wireless network can be a crucial tool to improve efficient business operations, help increase workforce productivity and transform the way people work.


Schools and campuses are much more than a collection of classrooms; they are spaces where people live, work and play. Ubiquitous coverage offers a more vibrant and efficient environment, allows for smart classrooms, and keeps everyone safe.


Government organizations rely on in-building wireless systems to enable cellular connectivity, allow for management of programs, employees and workflow, and ensure connectivity for critical communication.


Seamless connectivity is vital for the modern hospital or facility to function. Reliable wireless connectivity for a variety of systems and devices are critical for medical professionals to facilitate efficient workflow and patient care.


Savvy travelers expect cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi, while also enjoying the benefits of intelligent amenities that add to their experience.


The right wireless solutions can transform your business by increasing your network security and reducing downtime. We work with industrial clients to find a system that meets industry requirements, while also providing for future growth.


We have come to expect more from mixed use buildings where many work, shop, play and live. There is a high demand in urban areas for seamless connectivity and coverage throughout a complex—even in stairwells, outside spaces and performance spaces.

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McKinstry serves clients nationwide in delivering seamless wireless connectivity and public safety. Learn more and arrange for a consultation.

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Toll free: 800.669.6223

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