Energy Retrofits

Teaching Old Buildings New Tricks

New construction is just one way to create high performance buildings. The other is to retrofit existing buildings with technologies that increase energy efficiency and decrease the building’s impact on the environment – two McKinstry hallmarks.

Our energy retrofits systematically identify and correct building system problems while optimizing system performance in existing buildings. The results typically include increased comfort and productivity for occupants and operators, as well as cost savings.

Our goal is to strengthen each client’s bottom line through the implementation of facility improvements. We collaborate to leverage energy and operational savings that often pay for the proposed upgrades and retrofits, without the need for additional capital.


McKinstry works with clients and integrated design teams to understand their visions and expectations regarding productivity, operational staffing, and flexibility to alternative operational scenarios.

As an energy solutions partner, McKinstry excels at enabling each client to leverage future energy cost, operating, and maintenance savings to pay for improvements in the comfort, safety, and efficiency of their facilities without the need for additional capital. Our services include comprehensive life-cycle performance and financial analysis that substantiates the value of specific equipment, design, and systems for lower complete costs over time. McKinstry’s vendor neutrality means that we bring no pre-conceived biases for one solution over another. 


  • Increased building health
  • Extended life-cycle of existing building stock
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased building value
  • Lower energy bills
  • Happier, more comfortable occupants


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