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Monitors, cabling, touch screens, microphones, software, telephones, video cameras, smart building systems, mobile devices…the list of today’s audio visual (AV) system components goes on and on.  McKinstry’s AV professionals are unique in the industry. Each of our team members have years of experience installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining systems in the field. We have lived all of the frustrations that are born from poorly designed systems and will help you navigate the increasingly complex world of AV systems that our modern, connected spaces demand.

We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for AV ecosystems. You need your spaces to facilitate more effective collaboration, provide better experiences for your patrons, enable presenters to expertly deliver their messages, and be ready for anything you need. Our in-depth field experience informs our design and ensures that the systems we deliver function optimally and are easy to operate and maintain.

We proudly partner with you to design, install, and maintain AV systems for the life of your building.



You can count on McKinstry AV to provide an exceptional integration experience. We work to understand your needs and make sure that our efforts support your desired outcomes. The spaces we design and install are state-of-the-art, easy to use, and enable people to communicate and share ideas more effectively all without having to continually check a user manual to make it happen.


Your ability to easily validate your project’s progress is important to us. You’ll have access to tools that allow you to see and interact with real-time updates from our project managers, designers, and field managers. We make sure you know what’s happening with design, installation, cost and schedule throughout all stages of the project.


We deliver certainty with every AV solution. McKinstry’s team is committed to ensuring the success of your AV integration through development, implementation, turn over and beyond. We will never leave you hanging.

AV Systems Delivered

  • Conference Rooms
  • Convention Centers
  • Auditoriums
  • Retail Lobbies
  • Sports Facilities
  • Operations Centers
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Digital Signage


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