Muckleshoot Casino & Event Center

This was a 89K sq. ft.  design-build event center project connected to a fully functional casino. This project utilized selective demolition, during which, we had to be hyper-aware of potential interruptions of revenue generating operations, which successfully resulted in no downtime. The redundancy of the facility was improved by the addition of a 1.5MW generator. The Events Center required a lighting control system whose complexity presented an opportunity for our team to shine. Massive lighting fixtures anchor the lobby and integrated LED light fixtures were used throughout. Power was routed both under the floor and above the ceiling, and the site power and utilities were underground.

The casino renovation also included a rework of the power distribution, lighting, lighting control, and many of the low voltage systems.  Integration of the new lighting and lighting controls with the existing lighting and lighting controls was a requirement. The value engineering process continued throughout the project as we continued to find the best possible solutions for the project and the client.

All systems, including the revenue generating operations needed to be uninterrupted during construction. We were able to complete this massive renovation while maintaining the operations of the casino and while dealing with a global pandemic. Maintaining the appropriate distancing and finding ways to execute two-worker tasks with one worker were cornerstone issues we had to overcome to be successful.  Through the partnership we forged with the Swinerton and the MIT, we were able to find our way through this unprecedented working environment successfully.


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