McKinstry Innovation Center At Capacity And Expanding

May 2012

Now with 12 companies; Center will be expanding, doubling its size

SEATTLE (May 2, 2012) – Since opening two years ago, the McKinstry Innovation Center has added a total of 12 companies and organizations dedicated to supplying vital ideas and solutions to the energy challenges facing the environment and region. McKinstry announced today that the Center will be expanded by an additional 18,000 square feet to accommodate more companies and a conferencing center.

“Our vision was to create a springboard for the green economy – from clean tech innovations, to the education sector,” said Dean Allen, CEO of McKinstry. “We are now realizing how this model can play an integral role in the advancement of our green economy.”

Two new companies – Reklaim and E3 Washington have taken the McKinstry Innovation Center to capacity. In addition to being full, the Center’s other tenants continue to grow and many have already renewed their leases. The McKinstry Innovation Center has expanded its reach from the built environment to the renewable materials and education sectors, demonstrating the importance of reaching all areas of clean energy advancement.

Today, McKinstry also announced it is building a 38,000-square-foot Center in Spokane at the recently completed SIERR Building at McKinstry Station – an historic electric railcar depot that now serves as the base for McKinstry’s Inland Northwest operations.

“The model has not only shown that it works, but the demand has been inspiring,” said Tony Stewart, vice president in charge of the McKinstry Innovation Center. “We are expanding the concept strategically with our company into other markets as well.”

The Seattle Innovation Center expansion work is currently in the planning phase. Similar to the current design, the new build out allows companies to move into spaces that accommodates for their future growth and needs. Unique to the expansion, is a conferencing center that will serve as a convening space for leaders to discuss the top issues affecting the region in the built environment, clean tech, high tech, education and life sciences.

“The expansion of McKinstry’s Innovation Center in Seattle is outstanding news for innovators in the clean tech, education, high tech and life sciences space,” said Kim Zentz, CEO of Innovate Washington. “McKinstry’s demonstrated commitment to innovation and early-stage entrepreneurs is an extraordinary asset for the communities in which McKinstry does business. Innovate Washington is delighted to be one of McKinstry’s many partners in continuing to grow its innovation success in Seattle.” 

The two new tenants include:

 •      Reklaim. The company has developed a technology that recycles crumb rubber from scrap tires to create carbon black products and energy, which are currently produced and sold from its manufacturing facility in Boardman, Oregon.

 •      E3 Washington. The educational non-profit integrates three systems – education, environment, and economy – and asks, “How can education help achieve a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future for all?”

These two companies join the existing McKinstry Innovation Center companies: General Biodiesel, EcoFab, Hydrovolts, Washington STEM, Intersect, Everest Sciences, TreeFree Biomass Solutions, and Teach For America.


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