University of Minnesota—Morris

McKinstry performed a comprehensive energy analysis for University of Minnesota that included an evaluation of campus energy demand and energy supply side options.  McKinstry also developed plans for an energy education and awareness system and for actively managing energy production, storage, and consumption on campus.

The completed energy analysis resulted in the development of the McKinstry Carbon Management Tool, an interactive predictive model that visually demonstrates the impacts and interactions between a multitude of conservation, energy storage, and supply side options.

The tool helped McKinstry identify a self-funding project with a 13 year payback for the University, which not only resolved the campus’ chilled water shortage, but will also reduce their carbon emissions by more than 80% by 2010. This will allow the UMM to purchase carbon offsets for the remaining carbon footprint, and achieve their goal of becoming the first carbon neutral university in the United States. 

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Owner – University of Minnesota Morris

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