TCS Data Center Expansion

Acting as prime contractor, McKinstry delivered a full MEDP design-build data center space with evaporative-only cooling and separated hot/cold aisle. This project required the design and build-out of MEDP infrastructure for a critical environment. The client, Telecommunication System’s (TCS), considered it extremely desirable to maintain operations under one roof and wanted to build the new data center space in the building they currently occupy. Because TCS was limited in terms of total power available for the new DC by the capacity remaining at the building feeds, McKinstry set out to design a mechanical system that would decrease the PUE ratio as much as possible.

Working closely with our electrical and data design teams, McKinstry engineered and built a cooling system utilizing air handlers with evaporative cooling and full airside economizer (no chiller). This design also incorporated the use of hot aisle/cold aisle containment through installation of chimney racks that contain all hot air being rejected by the servers and funnels it up into the return air plenum. It is estimated that this design reduced HVAC power consumption by 513,590 kilowatt hours per year, in comparison to the original design concept utilizing chilled water CRAC units with water economizer. This non-utilized power can now be utilized by the client to expand IT capacity.

McKinstry provided full electrical infrastructure design-build including generator, UPSs, PDUs, DC batteries and rectifiers, and AC and DC Starline bussways. McKinstry also designed, provided and installed all data infrastructure including cabinets with iso-bases, cable pathways, cabling, fiber, PDUs, and fuse panels. Finally, McKinstry designed and installed a fire protection system utilizing a double-interlock, pre-action sprinkler system and VESDA. The entire installation is controlled by a custom DDC controls system.

This project won the ASHRAE Chapter Technology Award in March 2011. 

Project Team

Owner – Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Senior PM – Andrew Donald

Engineer(S) | Designer(S) – Ali Sadigh, Jeff Sloan, Matt Web, Ashli Bush, Cameron Smith, Joe Wolf, Nemesito Antonio

Measurements & Verification – Ricky Evans

Science / Technology, Construction, Washington


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