Sport Restaurant at Fisher Plaza

McKinstry performed the mechanical engineering for the Sport Restaurant and Bar at Fisher Plaza. Services included two above-ceiling 100% OA air handlers, one for the bar area and one for the restaurant. The supply air was drawn into the open kitchen area and served as make up air for the 20-foot kitchen hood. There were a few challenges that made the project particularly complex.  The team had to find a way to allow supply/make up air to pass over the holding counter at a velocity that wouldn’t cool the food before it reached the customer.  The project team also had to ensure that the make up air entered the hood at the correct velocity to entrain the cooking exhaust air to the roof and keep it from escaping capture.  McKinstry successfully met each of these challenges.  In addition, the project team saved the client money by determining that a separate make up air unit and ductwork were not required.

Project Partners:
Owner – Fisher Properties
Architect – Jill Cochrain | Weber & Thompson
General Contractor – Dan Rauma | Lease Crutcher Lewis

Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment, Construction, Washington


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