Quincy Data Center

McKinstry completed several mechanical projects at The Quincy Data Center.  One project was comprised of two phases totaling 550,000 sq. ft.  Phase 1.1 was 90% CAD mirrored for phase 1.2 and each chiller plant had 6,500 tons of chiller capacity in each phase (13,000 ton refrigeration total).

The project entailed extensive underground power distribution and difficult construction sequencing on accelerated overlapping trades at a remote Eastern Washington jobsite. McKinstry completed Phase 1.1 in ten months and Phase 1.2 in eight months. McKinstry also managed labor risks and completed the project under the original GMP price proposed.

Mechanical features include a chilled water system coupled to a 630,000 gallon Thermal energy storage tank, 10 2.4-MW diesel generators with associated fuel system, and 368 30-ton down flow computer air conditioning units for each phase.

The second project originally entailed having McKinstry’s electrical/data team provide pricing on installing a seismic and structural grid below the ceiling and below the floor and all of the associated cabling (fiber and copper) and hardware to support the installation of server cabinets and racks, and 100s of multiple Colos (computer rooms) were attached to the original structure.

Once McKinstry began work inside the building, the client realized how capable our team was and added scope. Since cell phone service was limited within the structure, McKinstry installed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) which featured a series of antennas, cable, and transmission equipment. We also installed an additional DAS system which provided a similar boosted signal with antennas mounted on the exterior of the building for dedicated emergency response channels, allowing emergency personnel constant transmission as they move in and out of the Data Center.

With approximately 60,000 sq feet of server space, the construction of the data center required 450 workers, becoming the 3rd largest employer in Grant County behind JR Simplot and Columbia ColdStor. With 6,300 tons of central plant cooling capacity, the facility has air conditioning sufficient to cool 3,200 desert homes.

What makes this project especially unique is that new equipment goes live every day which requires careful management of this critical environment to ensure ongoing installations do not compromise current operations. A millisecond of downtime in this environment results in exorbitant losses so all systems must be redundant. Every system is duplicated, ensuring constant operation in the case of a power outage or equipment failure.

Special features include cutting edge, critical environment, and redundant data center. Mechanical special features include 100,000 gallon water towers for chillers (one on each side).

Project Partners:        
Architect – Callison Architecture
General Contractor – Turner Construction

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