Pullman School District

McKinstry assisted Pullman School District in identifying, applying, and successfully securing a 2010 Washington State Jobs Act. This grant allowed Pullman School District to make critical energy efficiency and safety upgrades to their high school campus. The job-creating projects will help Highline SD reduce energy use and spending, and as a result, free up general fund dollars for other projects.

In addition to enhancing the general fund through gas and electric bill savings, the project stimulated the local economy by maximizing the use of in-state labor and by employing local consultants and contractors. McKinstry anticipates 10-18 direct and indirect jobs will be created for every $1 million spent on the project.


All of the high school boilers are located in congested mechanical rooms shoved into the attic, resulting in limited access and poor maintenance conditions. McKinstry improved access to several of these boiler rooms and installed boilers with taller stacks to decrease opportunities for stack gas recirculation, which has been reported to be a concern at the district.

Lighting Upgrade (Elementary, Middle)

McKinstry addressed serious grounding issues related to the lighting system that have already caused a fire and substantial damage, including testing of the ground path for each light fixture to ensure a ground path exists. In the gymnasium, the 400 Watt Metal Halides were replaced with T5HO fixtures.

The projects will amount to $14,683 in annual utility savings (kWh), $7,000 in annual gas savings (Therms), and more than $13,500 in operational savings.

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