Northshore School District

Photo Credit: Coughlin Porter Lundeen

Comprised of 33 schools and three administrative facilities, the Northshore School District serves over 23,000 students daily. To provide a stable, reliable, and comfortable learning environment, Northshore needed to better optimize and organize their maintenance and facilities teams, maintenance tools, and levels of service. They turned to McKinstry.

Our McKinstry Operations Center now provides Northshore with high levels of communication, consistency, and interface. We monitor and access the school districts building systems delivering both specific and proactive information, helping alert the district when facilities are not operating within acceptable environmental or energy limits. The communication and consistency hub of the Operations Center is powered by InfoCentre, a Smart Building offering leveraging its web based enterprise software application that allows faculty, staff, and maintenance individuals to integrate and communicate directly to and within a workflow and tracking management system, all integrated through our 24x7x365 Operations Center.

To date, McKinstry’s Operations Center has unified the Northshore District resources at all levels, enabled a level of response and responsibility previously not recognized, and has driven operational efficiencies and reduced energy consumption.

Project Partners:

Architect – Integrus Architecture
General Contractor – Premium Construction

Education, Facility Services, Washington


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