Mukilteo School District

McKinstry assisted Mukilteo School District in identifying, applying, and successfully implementing an energy efficiency project eligible for the 2010 Washington State Jobs Act. Mukilteo School District was able to supplement their capital funds with a $1.3 million OSPI grant.

In addition to enhancing the general fund through gas and electric bill savings, the project stimulated the local economy by maximizing the use of in-state labor and by employing local consultants and contractors. McKinstry estimated 10-18 direct and indirect jobs were created for every $1 million spent on the project.

Discovery and Olympic View Elementary Schools

The existing heating water boilers are from the original construction and are very inefficient. The boilers were replaced with high-efficiency condensing boilers. New boiler controls were provided to optimize energy efficiency.

Challenger, Columbia and Horizon Elementary Schools and Explorer Middle School

The heating hot water piping systems originally installed were in a state of failure, including leaking couplers that cause the boilers to operate continuously year round. McKinstry replaced the couplings to eliminate the leaks and allow for the boilers to be shut off at night, weekends, and holidays. The result is significant energy, water, and chemical savings and reduced water damage potential.

Finally, the building energy management control systems (EMCS) was completely replaced to allow for significantly better control of the HVAC and other building systems.

Mukilteo is expecting $5,600 in annual utility savings (kWh) and more than $77,500 in annual gas savings (Therms), which will feed directly into the district’s general fund.

Project Team

Engineer – McKinstry
Owner – Mukilteo School District

Education, Energy, Construction, Consulting, Washington


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