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In 2005, McKinstry performed an energy audit of the Rainier Building, a 42-floor, 526,000 square foot facility managed by Unico and located in downtown Seattle.

McKinstry identified and performed a number of energy saving measures for the client, including: installation of energy efficiency heat recovery chillers; direct digital controls; lighting controls; and efficient exterior lighting.

In total the project reduced building energy use by more than 15% saving about $150,000 a year in electricity costs. McKinstry also helped Unico secure a $650,000 energy rebate from Seattle City Light. 

The annual emissions reductions estimate for this project: 4.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2); 24,000 pounds of sulphur dioxide (SO2); and 500 pounds of carbon monoxide (CO). This equates to removing 300 cars from the road or planting 626 acres of trees. 

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