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LBA Realty, a full service real estate investment and management company, owns and operates commercial and industrial facilities throughout the Western United States. These facilities operate at a wide range of energy performance levels with Energy Star scores ranking from the 10th to 95th percentile compared to nationwide commercial properties.

McKinstry completed the Level 1 Energy Analysis/Study of 29 selected commercial properties as part of the portfolio Building Performance Optimization Program. This study identified facilities that will best benefit from more in-depth evaluation and that exhibit high potential for optimization through operational and physical site improvements. Through the use of facility questionnaires, interviews, review of design parameters, evaluation of utility consumption and system operating sequences the study also identified low/no cost tuning and Operating & Maintenance actions for improvement of building performance.

Project Team

Project Director – Mike Porter

Senior PM – Jesse Sycuro

Senior Energy Engineer – Ron Fues

Energy Auditor – Muneeb Khadeer

Commercial, Consulting, California


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