Korry Electronics

Korry Electronics’ planned relocation to Paine Field includes consolidating three of their existing buildings into one new 261,000-sq. ft. facility.  The manufacturing space includes Paint Booths, Optics Labs, Modeling Shops, Clean Rooms, Assembly, Testing, Shipping/Receiving, Light Labs, and Fume Hood Systems. Other facilities include café, Gymnasium, Conference and Server Room.

McKinstry’s scope includes a fully air conditioned space including humidity control, Clean Room, Dust Collection, Hazardous Storage and waste incineration, Compressed Air, Vacuum, Argon, Gaseous Nitrogen and Liquid Nitrogen, and Process Chilled Water.

Project Partners:
Owner – CapStone Partners
Architect – Kraft Laura Architect
General Contractor – Foushee

Science / Technology, Construction, Washington


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